Decorating Your Carport for a Family Party

Quarantine won’t stop families from celebrating life’s milestones, even if it’s just a small celebration in their homes. And there’s nothing more celebratory than al fresco dining; eating homemade culinary creations in the afternoon breeze sounds like a proper party to us.

If you’re tired of using your patio as a party venue or if it has been transformed into a home office, we offer a revolutionary idea: celebrate your birthday, anniversary or promotion in your carport. Yes, the carport is as versatile as any outdoor living space. Plus, it’s a fresh spot for your Instagram home celebration pictures.

With a little elbow grease, your carport transforms into a party venue within hours.

Settle the Seating

The great thing about holding a party just for the family is you don’t have to splurge on fancy seating and tables. With help from the people at home, move your patio furniture or the indoor table and chairs into the carport. Liven it up with new tablecloths; if it’s a kid’s birthday, bring out the most vibrant tablecloths you have. Windy days would require a little more security; tape or pin your tablecloth to the table to prevent the edges from flipping and getting into the food.

Pick out fresh flowers from your garden; plant them in your spare vases, and you’ll have makeshift but beautiful décor. No flowers to harvest from your garden? Sit down with the kids and make tissue paper flowers — you even have the choice of colour and size. You can also create fun paper napkins and centrepieces with the children.

Decorate the Walls

Some carports in Brisbane are enclosed by a wall on one side. Use the vertical space to create visual interest for a background when you’re taking photos with the family.

The bare walls serve as space for more decoration, like intricately folded fabric, accent streamers or a piece of artwork made by the celebrant. Put up pictures of the celebrants, make a paper flower wall or cover it up with a balloon wall.

Decorate the Legs

The legs that support carports are often bare and carry a solid block of colour. Wrap colourful streamers and leave loose tails that will blow in the breeze. Hang fun paper bowl jellyfish made by the kids or tie balloons that bobble in the wind.

Every memorable party has charming light fixtures to set the atmosphere. To elevate your celebration without the inconvenience and cost of installing new but temporary light fixtures, just hang paper lanterns in neon colours. Or if you’re working with a darker colour scheme, add battery-operated tea lights inside; just make sure the paper lanterns are robust enough to handle the weight.

Carports can be more than just a holding area for a car. At Just Patios, we treat it as a versatile outdoor living space that’s elegant enough to host your life’s special moments.

We’ll build you a carport that’s as fun as it is sturdy and reliable. Call us today about customising your carport, and we’ll work through your questions in real time.

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