From Patio for Lounging to Patio for Working: Transform Your Patio

Due to the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in Australia, stay-at-home orders are still in place to reduce the likelihood of transmission. As a result, several non-essential businesses will stay closed and the rest of the population must work from home.

If you are part of the numbers working from home, you’re no stranger to the struggle of finding the perfect working spot. Focusing on your job is challenging with the children running around or family members attending to phone calls and other activities.

Fortunately, there is another spot in your family home that can serve as a quiet office space — your patio.

By transforming your patio into an outdoor office, you give yourself a mini-escape while you work. If you are planning to convert your patio into an office, invest in the following must-haves.


Shade from the sun and other external elements keep your patio comfortable. A cantilever umbrella can keep the sun’s rays at bay as you finish deadlines. It also allows you to easily reposition the canopy as the sun moves.

Consider investing in insulated roof panels for your Brisbane home’s patio roof, too. These roofing installations do not just keep your patio cool in the summer and warm in the winter; it is also a cost-effective way to make your patio (and your home, in general) more energy-efficient.

Comfortable Chair

An ergonomic chair that offers strong support motivates productivity. But if you are looking for a cosier furniture piece that suits your patio’s aesthetic, a large outdoor sofa should do the trick. Invest in a comfortable sofa that isn’t just ideal for lounging or an evening cocktail; look for a sofa that helps you find a comfy position as you work.


In addition to the chair, you’ll need space to spread out your laptop, papers and other work-related materials. Invest in a table that is big enough to accommodate work essentials and a cup of coffee. Also, consider how the chair will fit your table. If you are shopping for tables online, compare the measurements of potential tables to your patio’s space size.

Power and Internet Connection

Position your patio office near a power outlet. This way, you need not get up multiple times if you have to charge a phone or a gadget. Also, make sure that you have a reliable Internet connection even when you are outside your home.

Bonus Essentials: A Space for Your Clients

If your job requires meeting with clients one-on-one, create another space in addition to your traditional office setup. Add a chair or two and buy another table exclusively for client meet-ups. Spruce up your space by adding plants such as small cacti or succulents.

Working from home is a challenge that anyone can overcome. It starts with finding the perfect spot and if your patio is THAT perfect spot, transform it by moving furniture pieces, repainting the walls or adding more plants.

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