Frequently asked questions

No, not at all. Our obligation free quotes are part of our service and are always completely free.

Yes. Our certifier will arrange all documents required for the application including the final inspection.

Yes. A copy is sent to the owner, the local council and Just Patios directly from our certifier for record keeping.

Depending on the product you choose to have installed, it can be as high as 15 years.

In most situations the deposit is 10% of the contract price.

No. We will obtain all approvals, do all site preparations, complete construction and arrange for all inspections.

In most cases it will take between 2-8 weeks depending on the council approvals.

Yes. We can arrange all approvals and delivery of materials to install. Depending on the value of materials (over $11,000) you will require an owner-builder licence.

We only like materials to be on site for a minimal amount of time and we try to have your project under way within one week (depending on weather conditions).

No. As long as our builders have access to power and the job site.

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