Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space This Autumn and Winter With These Patio Upgrades

Australian winters may be mild, but the lower temperatures are a great reprieve from the months-long heat. It would be nice to be able to spend the next few months in your outdoor area, enjoying the cool breeze instead of the humid air.

As such, the start of autumn is the perfect time to make your outdoor space ready for cooler seasons. With the right upgrades to your patio, you can successfully get a dose of fresh, crisp air and fight the winter blues.

Below are some outdoor space upgrade ideas to try this autumn.

  • Keep the temperature moderate with an insulated roof

You might think an ordinary roof is enough to keep the heat or the cold from affecting your patio temperature, but you’d be wrong. Summer or winter, it’s great to have an insulated roofing system for your patio for better-regulated temperatures.

In the coming cooler season, for example, insulated roof panels present plenty of benefits, including keeping the air down in your patio a little warmer and more comfortable. With these, you won’t have to spend as much on heating your patio when the temperature drops further.

  • Place cosy, weatherproof furnishings

Despite the mild winter, cosy pieces of furniture and other furnishings would work great for your patio. Even better if these pieces are also weather-proof so you can use them year-round.

You can combine both by picking pieces of furniture made of weatherproof materials like treated wood or synthetic wicker, and pairing them with furnishings like pillows, cushions, and seat covers made from cosy but breathable fabrics like fleece and flannel.

  • Plant winter varieties for a burst of color

Just because the air is a little crisper and chillier doesn’t mean you can’t have plants to make your patio look warmer and brighter.

Some of the best plants suited to Queensland winters are the colorful paper daisies and grevilleas. You can also place a pot of Bird of Paradise plant in different corners of your patio for a gorgeous splash of bright color and greenery.

  • Install a fire pit

Days grow short as winter draws near. So for those chilly winter nights, it’s great to gather with your family or friends around a fire pit to keep the cold at bay.

Luckily, there are gorgeous standing fire pits you can buy that you can use on your patio and are safe for whatever your flooring is made of. Just make sure to take proper precautions like using a fire pit pad and spark screens to avoid any damage to your property.

With this heat source in your patio, you can spend relaxing winter nights around a crackling fire bonding with your loved ones.

  • Add warm lighting for ambiance

Speaking of winter nights on your patio, you can’t let the fire pit be your only source of light. Make sure your outdoor space remains warm and well-lit with ambient outdoor lighting.

Whatever the type of outdoor lighting you choose, make sure to replace white bulbs with a warmer, golden glow. This not only creates an illusion of actual warmth, but it also looks cosier and more inviting.

Keep Your Patio Cosy and Comfortable in the Winter

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