What to Ask a Patio Contractor

5 Questions to Ask Before Installing Outdoor Patio Cover

Finding the right contractor for your patio can be a tiresome errand, especially considering there are over 1 million independent contractors in Australia, according to the ICA. With that in mind, “shopping locally” is probably the best option. Do some research to find a local contractor with a positive track record and good reviews. But it’s not just about finding a contractor; you need to know what to ask before choosing.

Read on to see what to ask your contractor before installing an outdoor patio cover. Moreover, we’ll point you toward finding affordable insulated roofing systems for your home, so keep reading.

Ask about Experience

Before anything else it’s important to ask them about their previous projects. Now, we understand that many people will favour budget over experience, but that can often easily backfire and cost homeowners more than what they initially paid for the service.

With so many options today, you can find an experienced and affordable contractor, so keep your options open.

Keep Permissions in Mind

Only a few homeowners are aware of the fact that contractors have to have a work permit. There are different types of permits, but you don’t have to be acquainted with all of them. The contractor you hire should be able to answer all questions regarding work permits.

Hiring a contractor without proper working permits is practically illegal, so you’re strongly advised to consider a professional possessing adequate permissions to work. That way, you’ll ensure the legitimacy and quality of the work done.

Ask for References

References are the best way to see how good a contractor is. Referrals are common in the construction industry, and many homeowners will ask for one before they hire a professional. Contractors that are proud of their work will usually show you a portfolio and customer reviews (if they don’t, you should probably look elsewhere).

Ask about the Timeline and Materials

Understanding how long the project will take is one of the aspects a professional contractor should be able to explain. Most licensed contractors can tell how long the process will take, which materials will be used, should you expect any additional costs, and so on.

Do They Carry Insurance?

A reliable contractor will always be insured. It is the most common insurance policies that safeguards clients from liability in the case of an on-site accident and protects the workers from paying hefty medical bills in case an unfortunate event happens.

Different parts of Australia impose different construction laws and regulations, but safety and insurance are always at the top of the list. Remember to check the local regulations regarding residential construction policies and make sure you find a contractor that follows them.

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