What Factors Can Increase the Cost of Your Patio Enclosure?

The average cost of a patio enclosure can vary widely. Enclosed patios, such as sunrooms, can be pricey, but many homeowners claim that it’s well worth the price.

If you plan to have one installed in your home, it’s best to determine the aspects that will influence your patio enclosure’s price or the total cost of your patio renovation project. This article lists the main factors.

Factor #1: Size

It’s not surprising that the overall cost of your patio enclosure will depend heavily on its size. Before starting your project, determine what size of patio enclosure your budget can afford and adjust it accordingly.

Although you can save money by keeping the size small, it’s also important to have enough space to make your enclosed patio functional and comfortable. Your patio enclosure is also an investment. A sunroom that’s too small, for instance, may not be attractive to buyers when you decide to resell your home.

Factor #2: Material

Enclosed patios can be made from a wide selection of materials. For structural or framing, wood is one of the more popular materials.

Factor #3: Cover and Roofing

Another important factor is the roof and cover. If your existing patio doesn’t require extending beyond your house’s roof, then you don’t have to worry about additional expenses.

However, if your sunroof design goes beyond your home’s roofline, you will need to spend on designing and installing a patio roof. When it comes to adding a patio enclosure roof, you can look into these two options:

  • Constructing a new roofing/cover with screens from scratch. This option can be expensive as it’s often considered a separate project.
  • Extending your home’s roof to cover the patio enclosure. Most homeowners typically use the kind of roofing that matches their home’s roof. The cost will depend on your home’s type of roofing material and how extensive the extension will be.

Always consider the type of roofing your patio enclosure will need and discuss your options with your trusted contractor.

Factor #4: Flooring

When buying or building a patio enclosure, homeowners tend to overlook the flooring until it’s too late. At the project’s planning stages, you must choose what kind of flooring you’ll be getting. Concrete patio flooring with tiles is the standard and is generally affordable.

Some homeowners choose to upgrade to patio pavers which offer higher durability and usually come in a myriad of colors and styles. But the upfront cost can be high.

Thinking over these important cost factors will help you find a balance between style and function while avoiding breaking the bank. For more effective planning, you should always consider working with a patio enclosure expert that can help run you through these essential features.

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