What Can You Do With a Glass Room Enclosure At Home?

A glass enclosure is one of the best additions you can have in your Brisbane home. It’s perfect for Queensland’s subtropical climate: warm all year with lots of sunshine, even during the winter months. The beautiful natural environment adds to their appeal. Imagine waking up every morning and looking out to a beautiful view of bushland, rolling hills or the Gold Coast while enjoying your home’s central heating (when it’s chilly) or air conditioning (when the summer heat is punishing).

If floor space is precious in your tiny home, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of practical uses for glass rooms. You can rest assured that the benefits you get are well worth the cost of building a patio enclosure.

Art Studio

Glass-enclosed patios are perfect as art studios. Whether you paint, carve, do pottery, design installations or create any kind of art, this room can be everything you need. You get plenty of natural light, which means you can save on electricity if you start working early in the day. If you live in the outskirts or have a beautiful view right outside your window, the sight of the outdoors can also refresh your eyes, quiet your mind, fuel your creativity and inspire you when you run out of ideas.

Herb Garden

If you’re in the food business or just fond of cooking and have long wanted to grow a herb garden, you can finally start if you have an enclosed patio. It’s an excellent location for growing potted herbs and plants: you’re better able to regulate the temperature, especially if you have the room insulated and heated. Of course, your plants can also soak up the sunshine all year, thanks to the transparent, glass walls (and ceiling, if you design your patio enclosure that way).

Home Office

Whether you’re a freelancer who works remotely or has only started working from home because of the pandemic, a glass-enclosed patio will be very helpful in your work. No matter how much you love your job, there will be times when you’ll want to simply take a break and turn away from your monitor. What better way to relieve your tired eyes and cluttered mind than to gaze out to the relaxing vista that surrounds your home?

Many studies have been made about the effect of nature on work. According to the results of a recent survey in the U.K., taking a break outdoors and enjoying the fresh air for 29 minutes can increase productivity by 45 per cent. When you set up your home office in an enclosed patio, you’ll get an uninterrupted view of the outdoors and get some fresh air anytime by stepping outside or simply cracking the patio door open.

There have also been many studies and research on the impact of nature and biodiversity (specifically green spaces) not only on work productivity but also on people’s general well-being. The data collected from a study conducted in Scotland confirmed the perception that the use of open spaces and views of vegetation are beneficial to people’s well-being.

Patio Enclosures at Home Are Worth the Price

You can surround yourself with indoor plants or take full advantage of the potential of an enclosed patio by building one that faces the best views in your neighbourhood. Given these health benefits, you can get great value for money by building a patio enclosure in your home.

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