Using a Carport for Your Boat

A boat is an affordable luxury for many living near the ocean. Much like any vehicle, regular maintenance and proper care ensures prolongs its life. One of the simplest ways to take care of a boat is storing it in a clean and safe place. While some owners leave their boat outside under covers, investing in a proper structure to house the vessel will safeguard it from factors that can cause damages, including corrosion from the salty sea air.

For those who love messing about in the water along the Sunshine Coast, a carport is a good investment for boats. Although typically made and used for cars, a carport is a cost-effective and practical structure to shelter other items and vehicles. The ease of storage, cost of installation compared to a garage or garage extension, and the elimination of mooring fees have made it a popular choice for weekend sailors who choose to keep their boats at home.

Effective Storage

Carports are freestanding structures that have durable roofs with a steel or wooden beam support. Depending on the size of your property, a carport can be designed to accommodate most small boats. Storing your boat in a carport at home will not only make your property look neater and better organised, it will also increase the storage area and improve the value of your property.  It provides overhead protection while giving enough space to move around your boat, to store tools and accessories and conduct maintenance under shelter from the elements.

Protection from the Elements

The Sunshine Coast has an average of seven hours of sunshine a day but the climate can be muggy with up to 75 per cent humidity. While the area does not see much change in its weather, exposure to the elements over long periods of time can result in rust and sun damage. A carport is an effective and convenient way to protect your boat from heat, direct sunlight, and rainfall. This structure also provides cover from bird droppings and stray twigs and leaves from nearby trees.

Better Security

Having your boat underneath a structure next to your home decreases the risk of theft or damage. While a carport is usually open on all sides, it still gives you the benefit of security. Often built on the driveway next to the house, it provides a more secure option for personal belongings and equipment on the boat than if parked on the street or left in a boatyard or marina.

Professionally Made Carports from Just Patios

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