Common Types of Carports

If you have already invested in your dream car, the next logical step is to care for it properly. Other than car maintenance, sheltering your vehicle from environmental factors is also a key consideration.

Unlike traditional garages, which are slowly going out of style (and becoming more costly), carports are the new it car shelters that double as both a garage and a patio. From keeping heavy winds away from your car to safeguarding it from bird droppings, debris, and other flybys, carports can also add a touch of class to your estate.

Depending on your design preference, carports are the ultimate budget-friendly garage alternative. Continue reading to learn about different carport types to go nicely with your house design. We’ll also suggest the best place to find stunning carports on the Sunshine Coast!

The Dutch Gable

First up on our list of top carport types is the Dutch gable, a typical gable roof boosted with parapets. This type of carport will complement early colonial and heritage buildings. Plus, it makes for a fantastic choice as an outdoor entertaining space.

The Dutch gable is a hardy, shaded patio that can safeguard your car from external factors like rain and hail. You won’t have to concern yourself with the possibility of your four-wheeler suffering damage if you park it under the Dutch gable.

Skillion Carports

A skillion garage is a single rooftop carport with a flat pane. Now, unlike traditional flat-surface carports, a skillion is always built at a particular angle. This specific feature allows for water to be shed off the roof. Skillion carports are especially easy to construct and install since they do not require much material and building elements to be constructed.

With a skillion carport, you can choose the parking area’s pitch and height. If your house is relatively small, the skillion will be the ultimate choice for your car’s safety. In addition, its simplicity of design allows for a budget-friendly purchase, so you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Flat-Roof Carports

Incorporating carports into your real estate can help boost your property’s value. Homeowners looking to sell their homes in the future usually replace traditional garage constructions and go for flat-roof carports.

Other than shielding vehicles from all sorts of weather-related mishaps, flat-roof carports also make the perfect patio space. Installation-wise, a flat-roof carport won’t need added support other than the standard casing, which makes it a budget-friendly investment. Plus, they add that curb appeal homeowners want.

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