Turn Your Sun Room into a Mediterranean Retreat with These Design Ideas

If you are looking for ideas for your patio enclosure, the climate of the Sunshine Coast allows you to explore many themes. For example, you can easily turn your room extension into a Mediterranean haven with a bit of paint, colourful tiles and vibrant textiles. Choose among the styles of Italy, Morocco, Greece or any country blessed enough to be lapped by the Mediterranean Sea.

The Warm Tuscan Villa

Wrought iron fixtures, travertine floors and earth-coloured stucco or plaster walls are just some of the characteristics of Tuscan interior design. Hang sheer white drapes around the room, add a rustic ceiling fan above and you have a little piece of Italy in your home. Plant olive or lemon trees near your patio or bring pots of lavender or rosemary inside to complete the look.

The Vibrant Moroccan Home

The Moroccan style gives a rich fusion of colours and a touch of Moorish grace. Emulate the style by dedicating a strip of your wall for a mosaic, or paint your walls with a rich cream colour and place a mosaic tabletop at the center of your patio. If you choose to have a sofa, choose one with a warm colour and fill it with different coloured throw pillows. Add strong wooden beams to your ceiling, and hang intricately designed Moroccan lamps around the room ‒ then you’re all set.

The Relaxing Greek Patio

Think of Greek interior design and whites and blues immediately come to mind. Add wooden roof beams, include sheer white drapes that hang from ceiling to floor and add a bonsai bougainvillea to give a modern twist to a classic Greek look. Line your floors with white and blue tiles for a mesmerising look.

Many automatically assume that the Mediterranean style is only for grandiose homes, but it can also be used in simpler houses to create a homey space.

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