Five Patio Furniture Hues That Are Always in Style

In the past few years, especially during the pandemic, homeowners have taken on more outdoor remodelling projects to improve livability, upgrade worn-out outdoor features, or simply see a change in their homes. Based on research on outdoor remodelling, upgrading the external areas of a home has improved the desire of residents to stay at home.

Sixty per cent enjoyed their houses more after the renovation, and 30 per cent found aesthetics as the single most important result of the remodel.

A huge part of these outdoor renovations is the yard and patio. The patio, in particular, contributes to better curb appeal and encourages homeowners to enjoy the outdoors day or night.

One of the most important aspects of a patio remodel is the furniture. If you’re working with patio builders to improve your Brisbane home, this blog touches on the best colour combinations for your décor and furniture. Continue reading to find an ideal design and décor for your patio.

Colour Options for Your Outdoor Furniture

Some homeowners are fond of following trends and switching hues regularly, while others choose timeless classic pieces. If you’re wondering which colours are worth investing in and which will pass the test of time, you’re in the right place. Here are five colour options for your outdoor furniture.

Mysterious Black

One of the reasons this is an ideal choice is that it doesn’t need as much cleaning as white. This bold and luxurious colour is stain-proof, so traces usually pass unnoticed. It is ideal for households with small children.

Black is versatile and goes well with all the remaining colours in the palette, so you wouldn’t have to worry about making tough choices or wild-card pairings. If your exterior appears too intimidating, adding lush green plants always helps.

Neutral Grey 

This achromatic hue is quickly gaining popularity and is a wise choice for anyone longing for simplicity and minimalism. Grey has many shades, and mixing lighter and darker ones will create understated refinement.

Consider adding different textures and materials to make it more vibrant. You can choose from charcoal and slate grey to steel and ash. Statement pillows and ottomans can easily pop without overwhelming the setting when combined with this colour.

Earthy Beige

You won’t go wrong with beiges to achieve a warm and serene setting. They are part of the light colour palette and a common choice in Scandinavian decor.

In the past, people weren’t willing to buy these light hues out of fear of damage, but today, colour choices aren’t that restrictive. The durability of furniture’s quality materials promises longevity, and all traces can be removed quickly. We suggest incorporating camel, desert sand, hazelnut, or ivory.

Cool Tones

These hues immediately bring about a yearning for faraway exotic places. Aquamarines, lavenders, and blues all have a soothing and calming effect on overall well-being. The colour blue, in particular, lowers blood pressure, decreases heart rate and alleviates stress. Royal blue exudes a regal aura, and teal stands for renovation.

Opulent Burgundy 

Livelier than all other colours mentioned above and known for its luxurious appearance, burgundy is a warm shade that goes well with browns and beiges. Although a bit dramatic, it secured its place within the classics due to its timelessness and sophistication. It has been around for centuries and continues to be present in home design.

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