Sunshine Coast Carports: The Cost of Building Carports

There are currently 17.1 million cars in Australia or around 1.8 cars per household, but surprisingly not many are kept in a carport. Building a garage can get pricey, but there are other Sunshine Coast carports options that you can consider. Carports are easy to build and install, and you can get the ideal design that fits your home and vehicle.

Choosing the right type of carport mainly depends on your needs and financial possibilities. Choose a ready-made carport kit or get someone to design a custom-made carport that will meet your requirements. Whatever the choice, some issues need to be researched and considered.

Approvals and Permits for Carports

The first thing to building a carport is to check the local regulations and license requirements. Building one may seem simple, but it requires careful planning. Before choosing your design, beware that size, appearance, location, and distance from the street and other structures must meet local Australian regulations.

Depending on the cost and size, a council or building permit may also be required. Be sure to hire a licensed builder to ensure you build the carport as per the regulations.

What Influences the Cost?

Many factors influence the price of a carport. This includes the size of the structure, the design, the type of materials used, complexity, and adding additional features. You also need to decide if you need a simple standalone carport, a double carport, or a design integrating the carport into the house.

Additional features influencing the price are storage space and electricity, which come in handy at night. The carport is practically an open garage space and can be used as such.

How Much Does a Carport Cost?

As mentioned, the cost of a carport can vary based on many factors. If you opt for a ready-made carport kit, you can expect to pay between less. Custom-made carports get pricier but offer a better result.

The installation costs also depend on the size of the carport that you’ve chosen.

Other Related Costs

When preparing the budget for your carport, several items need to be taken into account:

  • Council fees and building permits - depending on the area in Australia;
  • Submitting a plan for the carport’s placement will need to be approved by a building certifier which normally incurs a fee. Check with Council to identify the exact costs;
  • Building simple concrete slabs costs can vary, contact us for the latest prices. If you need excavation, then make sure to add that to your budget.

Hiring a Carport Builder

Because of all the options and choices included in the selection of carports, you’ll need to contact a professional builder like Just Patio to get a precise quote. We are fully insured and hold a QBCC building license, so quality is guaranteed.

Delivering the best services and keeping our clients happy is our top priority. Except for carports, you can also contact us to get a free quote for patios, glass room enclosures, and roofings.

Simply call us at 1300 284 531 or visit our website and request a quote online.

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