Tips on Getting Patios Ready for Summer

Tips on Getting Patios Ready for Summer

Living in Australia means that your patio is the most cherished area in the house during the hot summer days. These are the days that patios and gardens come to life. However, to have the possibility of enjoying the benefits of owning an outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining, you first have to get it in shape. 

Before you work on upgrading your patio to make it a comfortable space, let us give you some tips on how to properly prepare the area for summer enjoyment.

Clean Patio Furnishing and Accessories

While it may not be a fun task, it is a necessary and very important one. Spring cleaning is an introduction to relaxing and carefree summer days. Take out all your outdoor furniture and thoroughly clean every piece, from chairs and tables to your BBQ and pots. 

Give the BBQ a thorough scrubbing because now is the time to do that. Take out all seating covers and pillowcases from your outdoor furniture and wash them. Take out the hose and give that patio floor some good scrubbing. 

If you like entertaining, do this now, so you won’t find yourself doing last-minute cleaning before guests arrive.

Replace and Repair any Damages

Check your furniture to make sure there aren’t any damages that may be dangerous, like a cracked chair or table. You wouldn’t want to find one of your guests on the floor during one of your dinner parties.  Replace any furniture or accessory that you feel has served its time and is due for retirement. You can also add some new items to brighten up the space and make it feel like new. 

Be sure to check the patio structure and see if any maintenance issues need to be addressed. 

Create Shade and Shelter

High heat and unexpected rain cannot be avoided in Australia, so creating the right shade from the sun and shelter from the rain is necessary. Invest in outdoor fans and add outdoor blinds or canvas covers to create shade and protect you from the sun while allowing air to circulate. 

If you have already invested in shade and shelter, be sure to clean and check that everything functions properly. Check the patio roof to be sure it’s not leaking and the fans to make sure they are working properly. 

Prepare your Garden

No patio can be enjoyed if the surrounding garden is a mess. The patios, lawns, and surrounding areas complement each other, and they must be taken care of. Clean your lawn to get rid of any debris that winter has left behind. Remove unwanted weeds and think about setting up a sprinkler system; if possible, on timers to have scheduled watering times. 

Plant some fresh shrubs and flowers, and you can even create a herb garden in one part. That way, your backyard will smell nice, and you’ll have fresh herbs to use for your dinner events. You can even put some herbs in pots and distribute them around the patio to keep bugs and mosquitos away. 

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