Stunning Sunroom Ideas to Light up Your Home

A sunroom changes the entire atmosphere of your house, with wide windows bringing in elements of the outdoors. It allows you great views and natural light while you stay inside the comforts of your temperature-controlled home.

A sunroom is also a versatile space and you can style it any way you want. If you own a sunroom that’s in dire need of a refresh or you just want to add some charm to the area, here are some inspiring ideas for a light and airy enclosure. 

Opt for light colours

Sunrooms are meant to be relaxing open spaces where you feel like you’re outside enjoying the sun while still being in the comforts of your own home. Part of creating this serene mood is using the right colours for the room.

In general, avoid dark coloured-walls in your sunroom. They draw in heat, making the space unbearable during the summer. Lighter shades are ideal for the walls because they open areas, making the room appear brighter and larger. For the ceiling, use light natural woods or white paint to enhance the airy atmosphere. If you want to add pops of colour to the room, you may decorate the tables with trinkets in pastel hues such as light lavender and baby blue.

Combine indoor and outdoor furniture

A sunroom is a bit of inside and a bit of outside. Mix up your interiors by pairing wicker chairs with plush velvety rugs and wicker side tables with soft sinking sofas. The outdoor elements bring in natural charm and warmth, adding to the comfortable and cosy atmosphere, indoors.

By incorporating indoor furniture in your sunroom, you create a versatile space suitable for both entertaining guests and enjoying relaxation time. This type of furniture also contributes to the seamless transition between the sunroom and the rest of the house, extending your home’s living space.

Liven it up with greenery

Sunrooms are the best places for plants to thrive because of the huge windows, providing them with enough sunlight to grow healthily. Adding plants and flowers to the sunroom will create a sense of organic serenity in the space.

Most house plants are easy to grow in a sunroom. Common sunroom plants include begonias, lilies and violets because they’re low-maintenance and produce vibrant flowers. If you prefer more greenery, opt for hanging plants such as spider plants or Boston ferns.

If you want to test your green thumb, you can also grow herbs or vegetables in your sunroom. Growing basil, potted cherry tomatoes, thyme and rosemary will add value and function to your enclosure.

Don’t forget the curtains

Curtains are a must for every sunroom because they provide privacy and lend an elegant feel. They’re also a practical way to help cut down on sun exposure during incredibly hot days. Floor to ceiling glass windows with streams of sunlight pouring in are beautiful, but they can also make enclosures hot, especially if there’s no air-conditioning. The curtains will keep the space from overheating during scorching summer days.

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