Choosing the Right Patio Flooring for Outdoor Patios

Do you want to install a patio in your yard and are unsure what type of floors to choose? When building outdoor patios Brisbane, a wide range of different flooring types are available to choose from. Selecting the right flooring can become complicated. You need to choose the right material suitable for your patio to prolong its lifespan and enjoy it longer.

In this article, we’ll help you decide which outdoor flooring is right for you. Read on to learn more.

Go Hard or Go Inside: Concrete and Brick Floors

Concrete is the default flooring for outdoor patios, and for a reason: it’s pretty easy to set up and plan for. There are different variations of it, though. Poured concrete is the fastest and cheapest option and can last a lifetime. However, there is a reason sidewalks and streets need the occasional touch ups. The ground beneath them can make the concrete swell up and bulge, even crack, creating an uneven surface as time passes.

Concrete and brick pavers are an arguably better alternative to this issue, as they can be replaced on an individual basis should they get damaged. They come with their own set of issues, one being the occasional weeds that can poke through between the pavers themselves. They are also not as weather-resistant and prone to mould or mildew, making them harder to clean.

Stylish and Functional: Porcelain for your Floors

Porcelain floors are certainly a stylish option for outdoor patios. Brisbane’s whirlwind climate makes them the perfect candidate, thanks to their weather resistance and durability, but they do not come without any flaws whatsoever. The specific nature of porcelain makes it difficult to handle and requires a lot of planning and professionals to install. It is also on the pricier end of the flooring spectrum.

Ceramic: A Cheaper Option

If you’re considering making an outdoor kitchen, then ceramic tiles seem the right option. After all, they’re easy to clean and install and are cheaper than porcelain. While they are a great option (and one you can do DIY), they might not function as perfectly as they do in an indoor kitchen or bathroom.

There’s the obvious issue of weather. While ceramic tiles are weather-resistant, they aren’t exactly waterproof when used for flooring. Considering Brisbane’s weather, they’re more prone to crack or get damaged.

Wood Floors: Not Just for the Inside

Wooden floors for outdoor patios can come in two forms: composite wood and cut wooden planks. Both are a good and cheap option, but as you guessed it, both come with flaws. Wooden flooring, in general, is a tricky option. It gives a rustic feel to your outdoor patio and makes for a very comfortable and refreshing getaway from the too-familiar indoors. But there’s the issue of weather resistance.

Composite wood is more weather-resistant and eco-friendly than traditionally cut wooden planks. It is the more expensive option, and you might prefer wooden planks instead, which are also a great option! You would just need to treat them first before installing them.

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