Upgrade Your Space by Replacing Screens with Glass

A home extension can be a costly and time consuming investment. So, the more you are able to make of the space, the easier it is for you to feel good about the cost of the build. It is difficult to maximise the use of a home extension area that is exposed to the elements, though; as such, some homeowners have started renovating their extensions to address this problem.

With liveability as the goal, homeowners are enclosing the space, transforming the area into a multi-purpose room. This type of conversion allows use of the space despite harsh outdoor weather conditions. However, the mesh material that is often used to screen off patios doesn’t do much to shield the space from adverse weather conditions, while wooden or concrete walls remove the appeal of indoor-outdoor living. This is why many homeowners opt for glass for their renovation project.

Glass is a natural alternative to mesh, wood and concrete, as it shields the inside of your patio from the elements while giving you the ability to still enjoy the outdoors. Choosing to replace your screens with high-performance glass helps you maximise your patio enclosure. Prices for this type of conversion vary, but the result provides better value for the space.

The Advantages of Using Glass for Your Patio

Screens are typically used for their cost-effectiveness and availability. But they lack the necessary solidness to keep the space safe from external factors. Discover the different benefits of replacing your screens with glass.

Comfortably use the patio throughout the year.

Mesh screens are ineffective in keeping the space comfortable throughout the year. The openness that is welcomed during the spring and summer months becomes unndesireable as the temperature drops. Replacing your screens with glass solves this problem.

Unlike mesh screens, glass keeps the climate inside your patio comfortable throughout the year. Insulated glass, in particular, regulates the space’s temperature regardless of what it’s like outside. Opting for sliding glass doors and windows also gives you the freedom to open them on warm days to let the breeze in.

Transform the patio into a multi-purpose room.

Convert the space into whatever you want. With the protective barrier of glass, your patio transforms into a sufficient living space. Easily turn this space into a communal area for family and friends to gather. Depending on the size, the enclosed space can accommodate different activities.

Here are some of the ways to maximise this space:

  • A study that serves as your home office and doubles as a homework area for your kids.
  • An informal living room that has your kids’ play area sectioned off on one side.
  • An indoor greenroom that also serves as your meditation or yoga room.

Save on long-term maintenance costs.

Maintenance becomes easier with glass patio enclosures. You simply need to clean the glass regularly to keep it clear of dirt and grime. Glass also prevents excessive dust and pesky insects from entering the space.

Converting to glass allows the entrance of more natural light, as well. Aside from reducing the need for artificial lighting, glass decreases your dependence on your heating and cooling systems. The savings you get here offset the cost of replacing your mesh screens with high-quality glass.

Work with Professionals

Just Patios understands your need to maximise your home extension. Our team of tradesmen is experienced in creating glass patio enclosures. Using high quality materials and best practices, we can transform your space effectively and efficiently. With professionals working on your patio, we assure you that it will be finished on time and in the quality you expect.

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