Putting Your House on the Market? These Outdoor Improvements Significantly Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’re planning on putting your house on the market and want to get a great return on investment, it’s time for some sprucing up.

When upgrading your home for resale, it’s natural to focus on indoor areas. After all, these are where families spend the majority of their time. In doing so, though, plenty of people miss the chance to renovate their outdoor areas, like the yard and patio.

But with people spending more time at home, outdoor living spaces are becoming as important to homeowners as a property’s indoor areas. According to Australian property research and news website realestate.com.au, outdoor elements like swimming pools and garages are the top desirable features among Aussie homebuyers.

With that said, below are some of the outdoor features you can add or improve on that yield high ROI.

  • Covered patio

If your property already has a wide-open patio deck, you might want to consider adding a canopy or roof over it. Patios in Sunshine Coast get a lot of sun due to the region’s subtropical climate, so homebuyers are paying a lot for an outdoor space that is comfortable during different seasons.

  • Outdoor kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen makes entertaining guests easier, not to mention it presents an opportunity to create a beautiful outdoor feature. A beautiful outdoor kitchen, or even just provisions for one, can be a huge investment but this added luxury is something socialising homebuyers would pay big money for.

  • Water feature

Whether it’s a backyard pool or a zen garden with a mini waterfall, outdoor water features are a hit for homebuyers. Pools are perfect to combat the constant heat and humidity in the area while running water from a fountain or faux waterfall makes any outdoor space seem calm and relaxing. These are huge draws for homebuyers.

  • Professional landscaping

Unless every homebuyer has a green thumb, no one wants to buy a property with poorly-landscaped outdoor areas. A trend among homebuyers is to buy renovated properties, which includes landscaped outdoor areas, so they don’t have to shell out more cash and other resources to renovate themselves.

  • Outdoor lighting

Part security, part aesthetic, outdoor lighting is an important but often overlooked element of outdoor design. The right outdoor lighting deters burglars while adding a gorgeous ambience to your property. These are elements important to any homeowner, so buyers will likely pay more for a property with great outdoor lighting.

  • Refreshed facade

The value of curb appeal cannot be overstated. Anywhere in the world, impressive curb appeal significantly raises property value. The “wow” factor when looking at the facade of a house is the main selling point for plenty of properties. This is why upgrading your home’s facade is a must if you want a high ROI. Fortunately, upgrades are easy—some scrubbing of your driveway, a fresh can of paint, and simple landscaping can get the job done.

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