How to Pretty Up Your Patio for a Pleasant Spring

There’s no better time to enjoy your outdoor space than in spring when flowers are in full bloom and the weather is mild. The past few months have forced a lot of people to stay indoors while working from home, so it’s good to have a beautiful space outdoors in the spring where you can relax and breathe in fresh air perfumed by flowers.

If your patio looks like it’s still in hibernation, now’s the time to spruce it up for spring. With a few changes and additions and a bit of cleaning, you can have the perfect place to spend relaxing afternoons and balmy spring nights in.

  1. Scrub your patio down

If your patio hasn’t seen a broom and a brush since before the pandemic started, you might want to scrub it down now. Remove the dirt, loose leaves and other debris from your patio floors and wipe the grime away from the walls. If you already have pieces of furniture there, they might also need a good scrub. After cleaning your patio, hose the area down to rinse everything away.

  1. Check for damage, then repair

Your patio might have cracked tiles or loose boards, which could worsen if left unrepaired. So, if you notice some kind of damage while cleaning your patio, patch them up right away. You can also re-sand and refinish your patio floors to give them an updated look.

  1. Add some shade

The heat never really goes away in Australia, but being directly under the glare of the sun is not pleasant. If your patio doesn’t have a roof, consider adding roof panels that are insulated to protect you from the sun. But if your patio is already outfitted with a roof, make sure it’s still sturdy and doesn’t have any leaks or cracks.

  1. Place some plants

Nothing says spring than being surrounded by greenery. Feel the spirit of the season better by placing potted plants within your patio area. Choose a mix of plants with just leaves, then throw in some bright pops of colour using flowering plants. You may also hang some of them on the posts of your patio, especially varieties with leaves and flowers that cascade down the pot.

  1. Add multiple seating options

A great way to add function to your patio is by adding different seating options. You can do this by dividing the space up into different zones. If you want somewhere to have dinners on, maybe you can tuck away a small table and a few chairs into one corner. Somewhere to read or lounge around in while chatting with your family, put a sofa and coffee table a few feet away.

  1. Light it up

Finally, add outdoor lighting for family dinner nights, when you’re hosting a party or when you simply want to sit and think in peace. Outdoor lights not only add ambience to your patio, but they also offer security.

Your patio is that perfect space that provides the comfort of the indoors outdoors. Take advantage of it this spring by sprucing it up using our tips above.

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