Winter Prep: 5 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Patio for the Winter

Winter is a time when you and your family prefer staying indoors, gathering in the living room or snuggling in your bedrooms, because of the cold winds and drops in temperature. You might have prepared your home for the chilly months in Brisbane, so that’s no problem.

But what if you want to relax on your patio? Have you given it attention and prepared it for the upcoming winter?

It’s easy to transform your patio to a comfy haven for the cold days. Here are some things you can do:

1.       Add a Heat Source

The main reason you’d want to stay indoors at home is the cold climate outside. If you can make your enclosed outdoor space resemble the indoors, there’s no reason to be cooped up the entire season. Improve your patio by installing insulated roof panels to minimise warm air going out and preventing cold air from entering. Create a cosy ambiance by adding a heat source in your patio, such as a heater or a fireplace.

2.       Prepare Your Garden

If you have outdoor plants and flowers that are fragile during the cold weather, replace them with hardy winter plants like dogwood, pansies and witch hazel.

The upcoming winter is also an excellent time to do minor landscaping tasks like pruning and removing dead leaves and weeds. Use mulch to give your soil the nutrients it needs before the weather becomes cold.

3.       Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Don’t let the winter ruin your outdoor furniture. Find out if these items are water or weather resistant. If not, store them away for the rest of the season.

For furniture made of weather-resistant materials, like wood, make sure you maintain them properly so that they will be durable all year. Here are ways you can do it:

  • Coat wood furniture with protective sealants.
  • Coat iron furniture with enamel paint and rust-resistant primer.
  • Use clean varnish to protect wicker furniture.
  • Use Scotchgard on fabric furniture to repel stains and water.

4.       Clean Grills and Backyard Accessories

Even if your grill or backyard accessories are made from outdoor-safe materials, cleaning them ensures they won’t be a breeding ground for bacteria or mould. Scrub your grills well with a degreasing solution and store them so they’ll be ready for use next spring.

5.       Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting

Installing lights in your outdoor space fulfills three functions:

  • It creates a beautiful ambiance in your patio, making the outdoor area look inviting.
  • It highlights aesthetic elements in your patio, from the walkway to the landscape.
  • It enhances the safety of your home, especially when you’re lounging in your patio at night-time.

When improving your outdoor lighting, consider varieties like lamps, solar patio lights and string lights for an aesthetic effect. Make sure that all your lighting fixtures are energy efficient so that you won’t have to worry about high utility bills.

Enjoy Your Patio During the Cold Season with Just Patios’ Patio Roofing Installation

When the temperature drops, it doesn’t mean you have to lessen your time outside.  Patios are delightful, entertaining spots, so take advantage of your home’s outdoor space once the weather turns cold.

Keep warm and enjoy the Brisbane winter with an insulated roof. At Just Patios, we offer a diverse range of roofing solutions that will suit your patio. Our team will design and create an ideal patio roofing that will last for many winters.

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