5 Ways to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Fall

Fall is right around the corner. With the heat of summer dissipating, you want to make the most of the season by spending as much time as possible in your outdoor living space.

If you haven’t yet, now’s the perfect time to build a patio. Having a patio extends your living space to the outdoors, allowing you to maximise your property.

Just Patios shares a few tips for refreshing your outdoor space in time for fall.

  1. Update your outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture pieces commonly show signs of discolouration during or after summer. The sun’s UV rays break down the fabric dyes, causing the colour to fade. If your patio furniture pieces aren’t as bright as they originally were, it might be time to replace them.

Choose seats and coffee tables made from materials that don’t fade easily. But make sure they’re still comfortable for lounging. Wicker and rattan are excellent options for outdoor furniture.

If you’re keen on picking fabric-based furniture pieces, make sure you place them under the shade to protect them from the sun, such as a patio roof.

  1. Add retractable flyscreens

Mosquitoes buzz around all year, not just in the summer. Plus, other insects commonly appear during autumn, including moths and roaches. If you have a pool or any outdoor water feature, installing retractable flyscreens can keep your backyard free from mosquitoes.

You can roll up the screen during the daytime when you want to enjoy the breeze, then roll them down at night when the insects are more active. Retractable flyscreens also shield you from strong winds.

  1. Fix your lighting

Adding a few decorative lights or changing the colour of your light bulbs can quickly change the atmosphere of your patio space. Since autumn is a much cooler season, you can add warmth to your outdoor space by hanging yellow string lights. Although string lights are mostly decorative and don’t offer much illumination, they’re perfect for setting the mood during your intimate dinners with friends.

You can also add pillar lights to highlight certain aspects of your backyard, such as the walkways. These will guide your guests at night while adding warmth to your outdoor space.

  1. Refresh your planters

Swap out your summer blooms for autumn ones. You can choose a colour palette for your flowers to make your patio even more eye-catching. For example, stick with a core scheme of purples and pinks by growing begonias, asters and princess flowers. Then, add some accent colour with yellow hibiscus flowers.

Mix and match different-sized planters then place them on your patio steps or porch.

  1. Add outdoor heating

Finally, don’t forget to add outdoor heating to your patio. You can purchase a gas space heater or have a firepit built if you live in a cooler area. If you’re going with the former, make sure to buy a gas heater. Gas heaters are more cost-efficient to run compared to electric ones and are more suitable for outdoor use.

Remember to consider the climate in your location and how you plan on using your patio space before starting your project. This ensures that your outdoor living space accommodates the kind of lifestyle you’re aiming for.

If you need assistance building or refurbishing your patio, Just Patios is here to help. We create patios and other outdoor structures that increase your quality of life and maximise your property, helping you achieve the indoor-outdoor lifestyle you want.

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