Practical Patio: Low-Maintenance Ways to Maximise Your Outdoor Space

You spend a lot of time designing the perfect interior that reflects your aesthetic, but what about your home’s exterior? If you haven’t given your patio the attention it deserves, now’s the time to do it. There’s nothing like enjoying the fresh spring air in an inviting outdoor space that’s lush and comfortable.

We understand, though, why you might be hesitant to tackle an outdoor improvement project. The seasons frequently change and renovations may be hard to maintain. Plus, Aussie backyards are shrinking so it can be challenging to create a great outdoor space. That is why we have a list of low-maintenance improvements that will maximise your patio, no matter its size.

Feature flexible furniture

Spring is a great time for different celebrations, whether it’s for holidays or you simply want to throw a backyard party. But it’s a hassle if you need to switch up your outdoor furniture for various seasons and occasions. The key to having a low-maintenance patio is to use versatile furniture.

All-weather, multi-purpose furniture pieces like benches with hidden storage, multi-use crates and foldable or portable tables are great for your patio. You can use them for a variety of functions and for different occasions. Those portable tables, for example, can become a picnic table one day and an outdoor kitchen counter the next.

As long as you find pieces that are suitable for both big outdoor bashes and quiet weekends alone, you’re sure to maximise your patio’s use.

Divide and design

Every inch of space of your patio and yard must be used practically. To achieve that, it’s best to divide the entire space into separate sections so you can design each area better. With strategic use of outdoor accessories and additional hardware, creating the illusion of separate areas won’t be too difficult.

For example, you can install a glass room enclosure for your patio. For its price, you can separate your patio from the rest of your yard and use the glass-enclosed room for different indoor purposes without feeling like you’re actually indoors.

Another way to create the illusion of different spaces is by using a row of planters as dividers. With a break in the line that acts as a “doorway” from one area to another, you’ll be able to create separate areas without truly segmenting the space.

Embrace the value of vertical space

If you have a small backyard or patio, it’s time to look upward instead of outward. Vertical spaces are often overlooked, but it’s time you make use of them.

In an outdoor setting, the best use of vertical space is for a vertical garden. Instead of having large planters and flower beds on the ground, you can substitute them with wall-mounted columns of greenery. You can plant edible herbs and vegetables that you can easily use for a refreshing bowl of spring salad. Vines like ivy grown in hanging baskets will also add an aesthetic quality to your outdoor space.

Makeover Solutions for Your Patio

Keep in mind that when redecorating your deck or patio, the sky is the limit for your imagination. You can explore a wide array of ideas and have your dream outdoor space as long as you’re creative and savvy with the space you have.

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