Patio Roofing: Why go Insulated?

Are insulated patio roofing systems worth the investment?

At a time when the indoor-outdoor concept of living is becoming more popular, they are. Australians love spending time outdoors at home, and who can blame them? The climate is favourable almost all year round, so there are many reasons to enjoy being outside.

The beauty of indoor-outdoor living

Many Australian homeowners are adopting the concept of indoor-outdoor living. This concept blurs the line between what homeowners can do inside and outside their homes. Builders and interior designers are more sensitive to the demand to be closer to nature. From outdoor showers, fireplaces and barbeque areas to fully-fledged kitchens and entertainment theatres, the trend to merge traditionally indoor space into outdoor areas is increasingly popular. By building pergolas or installing patio roofs, designers can add space for work, provide areas to entertain visitors and friends, and create an outdoor shelter to relax with family members.

A lot has been said about the benefits of adopting an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. For one, this concept creates more accessibility in your home. Whenever there is a party or a family gathering, you won’t be running in and out of the house to prepare food and restock drinks. With an outdoor kitchen or a dining area, the area can serve as a comfortable lounge for conversations while the preparations are kept under control.

The concept does not only encourage expanding the home; it also creates more free space in the house. More space inside, with glimpses of greenery and natural light from the garden, help relax the mind, boost positive feelings and reduce stress.

Why insulated patio roofing?

Insulated patio roofing systems are available in a wide variety of designs and with different material options, such as stainless steel, fibreglass.

The advantages of an insulated patio can be overlooked, with some assuming the insulation is unnecessary because of the outside warmth from sunlight. Insulation is about maintaining a comfortable temperature under the patio. A properly insulated patio roof does retain heat, but it also blocks the sun’s rays to maintain a cool shade during the hot summer days.

An insulated patio roofing provides more connection with the outdoor and looks more visually appealing than cheaper corrugated zinc sheets. It looks less cluttered, more sophisticated and is more durable.

Installing an insulated roofing system is generally quick and straightforward. With a variety of materials to choose from, you can be sure of an insulated patio roof that will fit your home’s overall design.

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