Insulated vs. Non-Insulated Patio Roofing: Which One Should You Get?

Building a patio can be quite an investment, depending on the size, materials, and features of the structure. Like any investment, every factor involved in the patio must be worth the price.

One of the essential factors that homeowners need to consider is the roofing. While it comes in many shapes and sizes, people are more likely to have difficulty deciding between getting an insulated patio roofing or a non-insulated one.

To help you decide whether you should get a non-insulated or insulated patio roofing in Brisbane, this article will highlight their key differences and pros and cons.

How Are They Different?

When it comes to insulated and non-insulated patio roofing, their main difference is how they manage the temperature. Non-insulated patios work especially well during cool and slightly windy weather. They are an excellent choice if you want your patio to remain immersed in the outdoors.

Meanwhile, an insulated patio roof is designed to prevent heat from getting through. The insulated cover allows the patio to remain cool even during extremely hot days.

Another big difference is the surface on which their covers have to be placed. Most insulated patio roofing systems need a solid surface. Non-insulated roofing generally needs the same thing, but they are far more versatile. For example, non-insulated roofing also has several lattice options that make it easier to match designs.

Insulated Patio Roofing: Pros and Cons

Apart from temperature management, insulated patio roofing is a worthy option. Below are its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Pro: It looks attractive - Insulated patio roofs look more attractive than non-insulated ones. That’s because they can be made using different kinds of high-end materials. Each material has a specific aesthetic that can complement most patio designs.
  • Pro: Conceals cables  - Another helpful reason to invest in insulated roofing is it can easily hide wires and cables. You can install cables and electrical outlets without fear of destroying your patio’s aesthetics.
  • Con: Can be expensive - Insulated patio roofing does offer amazing features, but installing one can be a significant investment compared to the non-insulated option. Insulated roofing is also made from high-grade materials that can push the price higher.

Non-Insulated Patio Roofing: Pros and Cons

Non-insulated patio roofing may lack the temperature control feature of the insulated option, but it does offer some advantages people are willing to pay for.

  • Pro: Versatility - While the insulated option looks attractive by default, non-insulated roofing is far more versatile in design and style. You can mix and match designs easily depending on the appearance you’re going for.
  • Pro: Cost-effective - This is perhaps non-insulated roofing’s most attractive advantage. Compared to insulated roofing, non-insulated materials are more affordable, it can easily fits in most people’s budget.
  • Con: Quality of material -  Unfortunately, the major benefit of non-insulated roofing is also its primary drawback. It’s often made from lesser materials compared to the insulated option. This is why it’s generally cheaper.

At the end of the day, both insulated and non-insulated roofs offer valid reasons for you to pick one over the other. If you have a limited budget but would love to have more creative freedom, then the non-insulated roofing is the best choice.

If you are looking for a patio that’s comfortable year-round and even during extreme temperatures, the insulated roofing should be a perfect choice.

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