Patio Makeover: Transform Your Outdoor Space

For most of the year, Brisbane enjoys a subtropical climate. But during the height of summer, temperatures can reach an unbearable high of 45°C. This is why many people choose to stay indoors. The problem with this, however, is higher energy costs due to cranking up the air conditioning.

According to Canstar Blue’s electricity customer satisfaction rating survey conducted last January 2019, the average annual electricity bill of households in Queensland is A$1,608.76. If Brisbane weather is mostly warm and hot for most of the year, a household spends more than half of this amount during these months.

While consumers cannot control the price of energy, they sure can do something to lower their utility bills. It may require investing, but in the long run, households will benefit from reduced monthly bills.

Installation is the Key

There was a time when asphalt shingles, metal, clay, slate and concrete were your only roofing options. Today, however, there are more advanced roofing materials available, varying in costs and durability. What you want is a roof that is well ventilated so it will lessen the bad effects of summer heat. Insulated roofing for your patio or room enclosure is one of the most practical and cost-effective materials you can have installed to ensure an energy efficient home. This type of roofing reduces the heat flow, so your space is cooler on hot days and warmer on cold months.

With proper insulation, your patio or enclosure is given strong protection from fierce sunshine.

Cleaning the Air

If insulated roofing is not for you, consider a home ventilation system. This system typically has two fans and two duct systems that supply fresh air to rooms in the home where occupants usually spend most of their time. It balances air ventilation, so the air in your house doesn’t become damp and stale.  

There are other ways you can keep your internal air circulating during the hot months without the need for a mechanical vent. You can open your doors and windows if you have an enclosure to let fresh air in and push damp air out.

Electronics Tracking

Did you know that when you leave your heat-generating electronics, such as tablets and laptops, near air-conditioning thermostats, these are tricked into thinking that your space is much hotter than it really is? As a result, your thermostat will exert extra effort cooling the room down, generating more energy. If you’re going to keep numerous devices in your home, be mindful and turn them off when not in use. Finally, do not overcharge your gadget’s batteries or leave their chargers in the socket.

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