Top Patio Enclosure Ideas

Everyone enjoys relaxing on their patio as they offer additional living space, whether for sunbathing or entertaining. Patios have their origin in Spanish and Latin American architecture. Various patio styles are available today, but the Castle of Velez Blanco patio is a stunning 16th-century example.

The great thing about patios is that you can enjoy them all year round, regardless of the weather. The structures vary depending on the design, style, and choice of enclosures, allowing you to add a decorative and practical touch at affordable patio enclosure prices. If you can’t decide what to choose, here are some ideas you can consider.

Backyard Patio Enclosures

A backyard patio connects the house’s outdoor and indoor space, creating a cozy place where you can spend time reading a book or simply relaxing. Adding glass screens will allow you to use the patio during cold winter days, while you can open it up once the sun peeks through the clouds.

Consider adding a glass roof for that greenhouse feel, or enjoy star-gazing with your loved one. Add some shutters or blinds to the combination if you are after light control or more privacy.

Trendy and Modern Patio Enclosures

Adding too many details in the design can turn the patio into just another room in the house. Stick to modern and simple patio enclosures; use simple colours and clean lines. Incorporating some wood elements and greenery will provide that inviting and warm feeling.

Add geometric decor and furniture to a pergola enclosure to provide a personalized touch. Install some creative lighting solutions to better enjoy starry nights.

Glass Patio Enclosures

Glass is usually a preferred choice for enclosed patios because they allow for natural light and, at the same time, protects from rains, winds, and any other weather occurrence. Based on your needs, you can ask for sliding screens for an opportunity to completely open the patio and use it as an outdoor space.

Free-standing Patio Enclosures

When constructing free-standing patio enclosures, you need to put some thought into it. Pergolas are an excellent option for this type of patio. If you wish to have more privacy, use a heavy curtain with a trendy design.

For places where rain and winds are frequent, simply install a sliding screen to protect yourself from weather conditions. You can further decorate the patio with some attractive lighting fixtures and a ceiling fan.

Pool Patio Enclosures

Pool patio enclosures are typical among pool owners who want to keep dirt and animals away from the pool. One option is for the enclosure to cover only the pool and another option allows for a lounging deck next to it. To connect the indoor space with nature, add some plants that will freshen the air.

Use a shade sail or an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun. Another possibility is to install UV glass windows for that extra protection.

Final Thoughts

Patio enclosures are an excellent way to connect indoor and outdoor spaces and create a warm and inviting fusion. Just Patios offers more than just plain patios. Our enclosures are built to complement your lifestyle while at the same time offer comfort.

We can custom design the patio enclosures to your specifications. Contact us today and get your dream patio enclosure.

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