Outdoor Updates That Are Worth Every Dollar

Your outdoor space has a double mandate. It has to look great, but it also has to be functional.

To achieve this, style, safety, comfort, and ease of maintenance should be your four main considerations. The question is, how do you achieve both great aesthetics and full functionality without spending a fortune?  

Truth is, additions to your home will inevitably require some cash. But some updates add value and pay for themselves down the road. The key is in choosing the right elements, so you get full return for your investment later.

We round up patio additions that are worth the investment:

Create Your Own Botanical Sanctuary

Plants in your deck or patio make the space look inviting. Hardscape features can look stiff and uncompromising, and adding plants can soften the hard edges.

The easiest way to do it is to use container gardens. You can go for bright tropical flowers that bloom in the summer (and simply move them indoors come winter). If you want to have something in bloom all year, perennials such as ice plants, peonies, and hydrangeas are the most popular options for the job. But here’s a safety caveat if you’re allergic to bee stings: steer clear of bee magnets (flowering plants) and go for foliage plants.

To create comfortable spaces outdoors, consider installing a shade tree that is relatively mess-free (doesn’t shed leaves like crazy). Japanese maples are of intermediate height at maturity, while Sunburst honey locusts are relatively less messy. For safety, avoid trees with an aggressive root system.

Go Big with a Pool

If you’re someone who enjoys throwing house parties or having friends and family come over, a pool is an investment you can look into. Pools are also great for quiet weekends, sunning on the patio and jumping into the water to cool off. Pools, though, can bring up safety issues if you have small children. What’s more, keeping your pool clean and the water fresh might eat up a lot of your time, so you’ll also need to carefully weigh the pros and cons before having one installed.

Or Start Small with a Pond

If you crave the calming effects of water but worry about the cost or maintenance, a pond or decorative water features are for you. Install a small koi pond or a granite water fountain (or both!) and find relaxation in the sounds made by their waters.

Upgrade your Patio Covers

What if your patio cover can do more than keep your furniture dry during the rainy season? Insulated patio covers protect your patio furniture from changing weather conditions, allow you to spend a comfortable time outdoors, as well as reduce your energy bill.

Ready for Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Spaces?

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