Outdoor Cleaning: Maintaining your Patio in Top Condition

Cleaning your patio is just as important as cleaning the interior of your home. The perfect time to clean your patio is during early spring since it is not too cold or hot. Having a clean patio during spring ensures that your patio is ready to use during summer. Depending on the type of flooring, there are many ways to clean a patio; however, cleaning any patio will involve sweeping, hosing and scrubbing.

Removing Weeds

Before cleaning, you should remove all furniture, plants and accessories from your patio. Afterwards, you should start sweeping the surface to remove any debris, dirt or dried leaves. This breaks off any small weeds that have just sprouted. Moreover, it can also prevent the growth of moss and lichens.

However, if you see any weeds that have taken root, it is best to take as much of the root out as possible to prevent it from growing again. Once all the roots are pulled out, you should fill-up the holes with sand or soil. To take out the weeds in a convenient way, you may opt to use a weed killer. If you use weed killer, you should thoroughly read its instructions to know when and where it can be used.

Power Washing

Besides sweeping, you can also clean your patio using acid-free floor cleaners. This type of cleaning requires a bucket of water, a brush and your preferred floor cleaning liquid. You can mix the floor cleaning liquid with water and pour it over a portion of your patio. Focusing on small areas at a time ensures that you cover all parts of the patio.

An alternative technique is using a steam or pressure washer. This device allows you to give your patio a deep clean in a faster and more efficient manner.

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