Carport Deconstructed: What Goes into Building an Effective Carport?

Not all carports are made equal. The open-air home offers your vehicles better ventilation at the cost of limited protection from the elements. Your car won’t get damaged by the sun and rain easily. They also have better aesthetic options for your home. A well-placed, well-constructed carport can easily provide shelter for cars while considerably flaunting them in style. But what makes a well-constructed carport?

Whether you’re aiming for a welcoming pergola-like or a grandiose porte-cochere style carport, here’s how the best carports are made.

Building the Framework

Before getting the materials and what have you, you first need to know that there are two kinds of carport construction you can do for your home; these methods need to be compliant of local council, state and federal construction codes. There’s the freestanding carport, completely separated from the house. On the other hand, there’s the attached carport, which can be constructed directly stuck onto your home.

For the former, they offer more flexibility than attached carports. With freestanding ones you need to think of the distance and positioning of your carport, making sure they abide the standard regulations, and they’re not at any means blocking your neighbour’s views and light. Some providers offer do-it-yourself freestanding carport kits, letting you build one on your own time.

On the contrary, attached ones aren’t as easy to be constructed as it seems to be. You have to consider how you are going to attach it without messing with the structural stability of your home. With a lot of structural considerations, it’s best to leave the construction to professional carport builders in Brisbane or wherever in Australia you are. An expert builder can help you build the lean-to shed carefully and precisely according to your specifications.

Raising the Roof

An essential part of the carport is the roof. Some choose simple, flat roofing. Others pick the slanted skillion or gable-type roof. Most portable and DIY carports, on the other hand, have a tarpaulin-type roof for the canopy. It all depends on the aesthetic you want to pull off. If you want something simple, a flat or skillion type carport can give you the visual appeal you want to achieve, albeit the former is prone to water pooling. Both types of roof can accommodate attached or freestanding kind of carport in your home. If you want to add character to your home, maybe create a porte-cochere-style carport, then gable-style roof best fits the aesthetic you want. Carport builders can make these implements look like they were originally part of your home.

Materials for the Carport

Timber, steel and bricks can be used as carport materials. However, expert builders tend to mix and match the materials depending on the aesthetics you want to achieve. Do you want a simple, galvanised steel framework with zincalume sheets? Or do you want to use the same roofing materials to achieve consistency with your home’s roof, but use high-quality patio-style materials? Ask your builders about the materials that best fits your budget.

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