Minimise Costs When Extending Your Home with a Patio Enclosure

Extending your home creates more space and gives you more flexibility in allocating rooms for pet projects, entertaining or an expanding family. However, if you are on a tight budget, you may have to wait before being able to afford a major renovation. You will find yourself compromising on the design, the quality or end up paying off a loan for longer than intended.

However, other options are available.  Popular options include loft conversions, pergolas and installing a garden shed. Installing a patio enclosure may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning for an extension, but the option provides a functional and sturdy living space. The rise in popularity of indoor-outdoor living has also made patio enclosures a stylish and popular trend. In reality, proper patio enclosures available today are durable and made from high-quality raw materials.

Consider glass patio enclosures

Today’s materials and standards for modern patio enclosures provide decent protection from the elements. However, glass patio enclosures are perhaps among the safest. And when calculating your budget, it is also one of the most cost-efficient ways to increase your floor space.

The glass used is tempered and subjected to intense heat during manufacturing, making it highly durable and impact resistant. The glass surface also means less chance of a mould or bacteria buildup.

Unlike traditional house extensions, glass patio enclosures are simple to install, lightweight and structurally sound.  A qualified contractor can quickly and efficiently install the glass patio enclosure and roofing, helping you save time and labour.

Research about the contractor

Getting a reliable contractor is as important as choosing the right enclosure for your patio. Ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations of a local builder. You can also search online and check review sites for potential candidates. It wouldn’t hurt to get an idea of how much construction materials currently cost because they can help you identify a reasonable price when negotiating the contract. Since the work is not difficult, you should be able to ask for quotes from several contractors and be able to compare prices. Contractors understand that clients are looking for the most cost-efficient tender so you may be able to negotiate them down.

Once you have selected a contractor, they typically take care of everything – from obtaining building consent from the local authorities (if needed) and sourcing materials, to organising delivery and installation.

For Your Glass Patio Enclosure Needs

Just Patios is a provider of high-quality glass patio enclosures that offer an excellent return for your money. Our glass patio enclosures are stunning and enhance your home’s overall design.

Just Patios have more than 15 years experience in providing products and services to residential and commercial clients. As a business, we are dedicated to offering the best service. That is why we only hire licensed and experienced builders and use only high-quality materials from trusted suppliers.

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