Maximise Carport Efficiency in Four Creative Ways

Carports are a smart and economical way to protect your vehicles from the harsh extremes of Australian weather. But more than that, it’s also a structure that can used for multiple purposes and adds value and to your home.

Having a custom carport installed in your Sunshine Coast home can raise your property’s value as it guarantees protection for the vehicles of future homebuyers. What’s more, a professionally built and installed carport improves your home’s kerb appeal.

But more than being an eye-catching extension, a carport adds value to your home because of its versatility and adaptability. While its main purpose is for vehicle protection, you can use the space in different creative ways.

Entertain Your Guests Outdoors

Imagine throwing an outdoor party and it suddenly rains or the heat is more intense than you expected. The party can just move to the carport. The shelter it provides protects you, your guests and your setup from the elements.

Your Pet’s Outdoor Escape

While Australia experiences all four seasons, the varied climates tend to veer towards higher temperatures. So while it’s a great idea to let your pets out for fresh air and exercise, extreme heat can be bad for them. But with the roof of a carport over your pet’s head, they can stay outside and play while still being protected from the direct heat of the sun. Just make sure to give them plenty of water and not to leave them out for long.

A Spacious Storage

You can store more than just your vehicles under a carport. Because it is a wall-less structure, it can easily be a storage space for large and bulky things, like pieces of lawn equipment and gardening tools. You can even store your boat or canoe in your carport by hanging them from the ceiling. This saves space and allows you to maximise not just the width but also the height of your carport.

A Sun-Powered Structure

Want to practise energy efficiency? You can turn your carport into your own solar-power source! Simply attach solar panels to your carport’s roof so the sunlight it’s exposed to doesn’t go to waste and make energy for your use instead. If you have electric cars, bikes or scooters, the energy your solar panels can power up your vehicles.

An Alternative Patio Cover

If you want to relax outdoors but don’t have a proper patio, you can be creative and use your carport instead. Put a comfy sofa or secure a swing so the space can be your little relaxation spot when your vehicle’s not parked. Now you’ll have an outdoor spot where you can enjoy being outdoors while reading a book, working or simply relaxing.

If you want an actual patio that can be customised to your needs, you can also turn to Just Patios. Apart from custom carports that add value to your property, we also install glass room enclosures and patios for homeowners in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

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