Keeping Your Glass Room Warm during the Winter

Glass rooms allow you to expand your living area and enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home. There are many glass enclosures for patios to choose from, with price ranges that suit different budgets, giving you the flexibility to choose which best fits your home design, as well as the needs of you and your family.

A glass room is best enjoyed during the warm months, becoming an extra space for relaxation and social gatherings, but what happens when the months turn cold? Discover helpful tips on how to keep your glass room warm during the winter so you can use it every season.


Before spending money to heat your glass room, make sure to insulate it first. Start by installing weather-stripping around windows to keep warm air from leaking around the frames. Add a layer of clear, insulated plastic to the surface of your windows. You can also apply tints on your windows, although doing so might slightly diminish your view of the outdoors.

Consider insulating your walls and ceilings as well. Although this can be a hefty expense, it ensures your glass room feels warm and cosy during the cold seasons.

Set up a Heat Source

Connect your glass room to your home’s HVAC system to adjust the temperature when the weather turns chilly. Fireplaces and portable heaters also work to keep the area cosy during the winter. When installing a fireplace, make sure you’re complying with standard regulations. Make sure to use these heat sources only when you’re in the room and unplug them when you leave to minimise your energy bills.

Add Drapery

Thermal-insulated draperies produce an extra barrier between the glass panes and the outdoors and give you privacy. Cover your windows at night or when it’s cloudy, then open them during the day to let light into the room.

Keep Your Floor Warm

Hardwood or tile floors can be cold during the winter. Keep your feet from cold, hard surfaces by covering your floors with carpets and rugs. These also reduce heat loss in the glass room.

Circulate Heat

A ceiling fan doesn’t generate any considerable heat, but it maximises the heat that’s already in the room. If you have a fan in your glass room, turn it on and let it slowly circulate the air in your glass room so you can feel the warm air.

There’s no need to stay away from your glass room because of the cold temperatures. By following the above tips, you can spend more time in your extended living space, whether it’s by yourself or with loved ones.

Glass Room Enclosures Perfect for All Seasons

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