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In recent years, homeowners have shown greater interest in their outdoor areas. Some create simple patios, whereas others invest in fancy furniture, state-of-the-art grills, and others. As many as 58% of all participants in a recent survey explained that the outdoor space, mainly patio space, will be a significant area for them when building or furnishing their property.

While on the topic of outdoor and patio designs, we must mention that the Japandi style is one of the most popular design styles recently. This patio trend is prevalent worldwide, not only in Australia. It is known for its simplicity, reservedness, and appreciation of nature. Its design rules can be applied to both patios and entire houses.

If you are also interested in designing a patio in the Japandi style, we’ve got a few key tips and tricks for you to review. Here’s more on the topic:

Subdued Color Palette

Neutral colours exhibit serenity and subtlety with their unpretentious refinement. The Japanese rejoice in simplicity, and their meticulous attention to detail mimics their intellectual nature. Common colour combinations to use:

  • White and black: Ideal for enhancing the charm of organic materials like bamboo and wood.
  • Sky blue and white: Watery blue hues emulate traditional porcelain designed for the domestic market.
  • Green and brown: Depict exuberant forests and wooden gateways.
  • Airy grey shades: Hues to represent modesty and balance.

Natural Materials

You’ll never find anything made out of plastic in a genuine Japanese yard. Above all, their style is deprived of everything artificial. Painting is often forbidden here, but what Europeans label as hueless, the Japanese see as a chance to explore their spirituality. Wood, bamboo, gravel, sand and stone are all highly recommended.

Essence - Not the External Form

In Japan, broken objects are repaired with gold. The Wabi Sabi philosophy argues that flaws and irregularities enhance the beauty of an object. To follow this teaching, consider adding trees with branches leading slightly towards one side or incorporating raw, unaltered materials that celebrate their natural textures. Leave things slightly worn out to add to their character, or put your mysterious rocks in unconventional places to celebrate their imperfections.


The Japanese believe in creating space between elements, as they value a sense of harmony and balance. You can achieve this by having a water pond in your garden or an impressive stone walkway. Making a bamboo entrance can privatise your space and enhance its soothing vibe. This provides a sense of cleanliness and organisation.


Without traditional Japanese flowers and plants, your yard won’t have the authentic Japanese aesthetic. They stand for rebirth, transformation, amity, and balance. The recommended flowers include iris, lotus, camellia japonica, Japanese maple, cherry blossom tree, hydrangea, and chrysanthemums. Combined with bamboo or bonsai, each flower can set the scene for your Asian Zen-like atmosphere.


The Japanese respect everything of value, and water is seen as a vital element. This feminine yin element symbolises depth and refreshment. Koi ponds bring good fortune to your home and can be an excellent addition to your garden. They are also low maintenance and have irregular forms, as the Japanese are fond of imperfect things.

Choose Just Patios for Your Japanese-inspired Heavenly Patio

Achieving this Asian-style patio is about embracing cleanliness, mindfulness, and practicality. To attain this aesthetic in Brisbane, you need experienced patio builders who can make your dream patio and garden come true.

Just Patios excels in constructing outdoor facilities like carports, glass room enclosures, and roofing, but our speciality is patios. If you want to learn more about our patio options and tell us more about the Japandi-inspired patio of your dreams, contact us today!

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