Insulation for Outdoor Living Spaces: Is It Worth It?

Homeowners often ask, “Should I insulate my outdoor living space?” Most decide to skip the insulation on their patio and garage since they don’t spend a lot of time in these areas.

However, there’s value in insulating these outdoor spaces. Attached garages, in particular, can be energy guzzlers if you leave them uninsulated. The heat from your garage can seep through the shared wall, increasing the temperature in the adjacent room.

Patios can also benefit from insulation in terms of comfort. Plus, the cost of insulated patio roofing is worth it since you’ll be able to boost your curb appeal and increase your property value.

If you’re still wondering if you should insulate your patio or garage, read on to learn the benefits of insulation for various outdoor living spaces.

Patio Insulation

Most patios open into the family room, extending your living area into the outside. Insulating your patio makes the space cooler and more comfortable, which allows you to enjoy a seamless indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

With an insulated patio, you can host outdoor gatherings and dinners without worrying about your guests’ comfort. Especially in a city as sunny as Brisbane, the heat can be unforgiving in the summer. Insulation prevents your patio roof from absorbing all that heat, keeping the space a bit cooler.

Insulated roof panels also have excellent noise reduction properties, perfect for homes located on busy streets.

Garage Insulation

Apart from preventing heat transfer through walls, garage insulation also helps with condensation. Condensation is a result of moisture from the air, running appliances, wet vehicles and water leaks. An insulated roof seals any gaps on the roof that might be leaking rainwater.

Also, insulation is non-negotiable if you’re planning to convert your garage into a full-time living area or workspace. An insulated garage is more energy-efficient and better capable of maintaining your preferred indoor temperature.

Granny Flat Insulation

Granny flats also need insulation, more so than the two other outdoor spaces mentioned. They’re essentially small houses; if you leave them uninsulated, they’ll be freezing in winter and sweltering hot in summer.

If you’re planning to rent out your granny flat or list it on Airbnb, you can’t skip insulation. Your guest or tenant might find the place too uncomfortable and leave you a bad review.

Consider combined thermal and acoustic insulation in the walls. This prevents unwanted heat transfer and reduces noise absorption, giving you a peaceful and comfortable space. Insulated roof panels also help control the indoor temperature, especially if you have no trees to shade your granny flat.

Finally, insulation and other energy-saving features increase your property’s sale value. Energy-efficient homes can sell 10 per cent higher than regular houses, maximising your ROI on the installation.

Remember to work only with experienced contractors and builders to ensure that your insulation system delivers long-term protection against excessive heat.

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