Enjoy a Comfortable And Sturdy Home with an Insulated Roof

Your roof’s health is important since it protects you and your family from unprecedented weather conditions and other external elements. If a problem with the roof arises, even if it’s just the patio roof or a small part of your main roof, it’s best to address it immediately instead of brushing it off.

One way you can enhance your roof’s health is by investing in it. While insulated roofing systems will add to your roofing expense, you save more on other things, which will give you long-term benefits, such as the following:

Heat Prevention and Retention

If your home is in an area with a low temperature most of the year, keeping it warm is one of your priorities. Even with a fireplace and heater to warm up your home, indoor heat can escape gradually through the roof. Instead of spending more on heaters, invest in an insulated roof. Roof insulation stops the heat from escaping and keeps warm air in your home and patio. Its thermal function ensures warmth in your home all year.

You also keep excess heat from entering your home during the summer season with an insulated roof. You save money by not needing to buy an extra cooler or air conditioning unit in the warm months.

Savings on Utility Bills

Since insulation keeps your home and patio’s room temperature comfortable, your heaters and air conditioners need not work hard to maintain that level of comfort. You automatically save on energy consumption, which in turn, helps you save big time on electricity bills.

Lower or Zero Roof Repair Costs

Non-insulated roofs are known to weaken more easily than insulated roofs. If your roof has no insulation, it is prone to damage and may require a complete overhaul sooner than you expect. Though roof insulation can be costly, it spares you from serious and more expensive roof repair.

Added Protection for Your Home

Insulating your roof adds another layer of protection to your home. Depending on the material you use, your insulation will protect your patio and house from the elements and extreme weather conditions by exposing them less. With insulation, you don’t have to worry about home and water damage during rainy and stormy weather.

Choosing Your Home’s Roof Insulation

Your insulation system should adapt to your home and patio design. By considering your roof configuration in your choice of insulation, you narrow down your options. For example, professional residential roofers recommend a rigid insulation system for flat-roofed structures or blankets of fibreglass batts for sloped roofs.

Also, consider the different types of insulation products available:

  • Polyester insulation. Commonly used, this type of insulation material has no chemical additives, making it eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Fibreglass insulation. This popular roof insulation lasts for years, saving you more money in the long run.
  • Cellulose fibre insulation. Also known as loose-fill insulation or blow-in insulation, this roofing material does an excellent job of making your home comfortable and safe from the elements.

Your roof’s integrity is crucial to the structural integrity and comfort of your home and patio. Invest in quality insulation so you can keep your home comfortable and protect it from harsh weather conditions, too.

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