Decorating Your Patio: Ideas, Suggestions and Inspiration

Having a beautiful yet practical and comfortable house is the dream of every new homeowner. Yet, even after finding suitable interior equipment and a nice, elegant and durable exterior — siding and roofing included — you’re still left with the outside part in front or behind your home.

Instead of aiming for a classic garden, you might consider turning an outdoor area into a cool porch, a vintage deck or an elegant courtyard. One of the best alternatives is to construct a patio.

Keep reading to find out what a patio is and how you can make it the most stunning part of your property.

What is a Patio?

A patio is an open, uncovered, ground-level part in front of or behind a house. It is usually made from durable materials, such as stone, gravel, asphalt or bricks. Unlike porches, gardens, decks and courtyards, a patio isn’t directly connected to the building itself. It’s also not protected by either an exterior wall or an overhanging roof of the house.

Thus, a patio leaves many opportunities to experiment design- and functionality-wise. It’s up to you to come up with something both creative and comfortable!

Flowers Will Make Everything More Vibrant

The first and most obvious thing that you could do is buy pots of flowers to give your patio a vibrant flair. Note that your plants will not be protected from rain, heat and winds if your patio is open. So, you’ll need to aim for plants that can withstand all seasons.

Flower pots or even trees placed on the side of the patio can turn your housefront into a vivid space that screams Welcome! But of course, you have to take care of them well so they can bloom properly.

Build Your Private Open Cafe

Florals aside, you can get some chairs and a small table and place them under an umbrella for the ultimate spring/summer setup. Nothing like creating your own outside café, right?

While you’re at it, get a large dining table with more chairs and let the setting bring all guests to the yard. This type of setup makes any gathering more enjoyable, whether that’s an impromptu one with your neighbours or a solid plan with your friends.

When choosing, be sure that all chairs and tables are made from durable materials that won’t get damaged by rain or heat.

Relax with a Swing Chair or a Hammock

A swing chair or a hammock to relax on while reading a book or napping sounds like the perfect patio idea! The space can be used to your liking, and you can even leave some room for a mediation or yoga mat.

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