Do I Need Council Approval to Build a Patio?

Australians spent more money on home improvements during the pandemic than ever, with the monthly value of approved renovations reaching AU$ 1 billion in February 2021. 

This is not surprising given that home improvements such as patios allow people to enjoy the outdoors during the lockdown period. It’s where they may relax with a morning coffee and host an afternoon barbeque. Extending or renovating your home is a fantastic way to modernise it, but you should be aware of your responsibilities in obtaining council approval before you begin.

If you’re considering building a patio, you need to know many things, such as the cost of insulated patio roofing and whether or not you will require council approval.

Why do I need council permission?

Having your new patio authorised by the appropriate local body demonstrates that all necessary building documentation has been reviewed and deemed compliant by a qualified building surveyor.

Many variables affect how much it will cost to install an insulated patio. Setting attainable goals and establishing the resources you want to use are essential.

Should I submit each construction plan to the City Council for approval?

You must check with the local council before beginning any project, as the types of projects that require clearance might vary.

A council permit is often needed for any patio, carport, or deck that falls under “Class 10a.” 

However, if the structure meets the following conditions, a building permit from the local government may not be necessary:

  • Does not go over 10m2
  • Boasts a maximum height of 2.4m
  • All sides are less than 5m in length
  • The maximum height of the deck off-ground is 1m

What happens during the approval process?

Each council has its approval process, although they all share the following basic requirements:

  • Contact your city council first to verify the regulations, steps, and costs.
  • Consult a professional architect for assistance with the plans.
  • Seek approval from a Building Certifier before beginning construction, so you will know that the designs have been checked for compliance with the Australian Building Code.
  • Designate a single person to act as the primary certifier, and once work is finished, they’ll also provide you with an Occupancy Certificate.

Ways to make the approval process easier

The approval process can be simplified using different approaches:

  • It’s best to directly contact the council instead of asking friends or contractors if your project needs permission before making a final decision.
  • Keep in touch with the council while you compile the necessary paperwork for submission.
  • Hire a professional to create your drawings and give certifications, and your council will have more faith in your application.
  • Once the plans have been authorised, no more changes are required.

Does applying for council approval entail possessing an official certificate?

The term “applying” for council approval is not the same as receiving consent from the council. Even if you have Form 15, council approval won’t be official until the building certifier who gave it to you inspects the property and gives their stamp of approval. A final certificate, Form 21, will be handed to you once a certifier has completed all the necessary inspections.

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