DIY Backyard BBQ: A Guide to Building Your Own Patio Grill

The dry season has finally arrived in the Sunshine Coast — and it’s the perfect time for intimate outdoor gatherings. Because the weather is nice, you can throw a backyard barbecue get-together with your family or closest friends. You can also benefit from a casual outdoor cookout even if you’re not having anyone over: if you have a patio grill, you can whip up a hearty meal while keeping your kitchen and the rest of the house from overheating. 

What if you don’t have a patio grill, though? Don’t worry. It’s easy to set one up on your own. Just Patios, a trusted patio builder in the Sunshine Coast, shares this guide on how to build a BBQ grill in your backyard so you can maximise your outdoor space. 

  1. Choose a spot for the grill carefully

The best outdoor grill setup is a kitchen extension. This makes trips back and forth easier, so you can quickly get ingredients and other things inside the house.

You can work with the space you have if you don’t have the floor space to have a true extension built into your kitchen. One way to do this is to create a small shady nook on your roofed patio by placing a portable grill, some outdoor seats and a table. 

Don’t place the grill near any flammable materials like low-hanging tree branches. Also, make sure your patio is well-ventilated to keep it from overheating while you’re grilling.

  1. Consider built-in options

Portable grills do have their advantages: they’re easy to set up and collapse, so you can bring them inside the house when not in use or during the rainy season. 

Built-in setups, however, also have their appeal. An outdoor kitchen and grill let you do more than just barbecue. You can cook other meals and present the food on the counter. This makes preparation and serving much easier because you won’t have to go back and forth inside the house anymore.

A built-in patio BBQ and kitchen also elevates the look of your backyard and increases your property value. So, you can fetch a decent ROI on the installation should you decide to sell your home in the future.

If you’re not ready to invest in a built-in setup yet, there are also modular and outdoor kitchen kits that are easy to install and relatively more affordable than the alternative.

  1. Choose your grill type

Your options are propane, charcoal and electric. Propane grills are more expensive compared to charcoal ones, but they are more cost-effective in the long run because the utility costs are lower. Keep in mind that gas grills need lines laid underneath the ground, which you may need a city permit for.

Charcoal grills, however, are still the best option if you want that smokey flavour in your barbecue. They’re also faster to set up than gas grills and often come in convenient, portable models.

Electric grills are sleek and small, perfect for small patios. They’re easy to set up and use and are more affordable compared to the two other options.  

  1. Provide some shade

Lastly, keep your backyard BBQ area cool and comfortable by providing some shade. You don’t need to have a roof built over your patio, though. Even a simple pergola over the grill and the seats can provide just the right amount of shade from the sun while you’re cooking and dining with your loved ones.

Ultimately, all you need are seats, shade and a quality grill and you’ve got yourself a patio grill setup. Just remember to design the space according to how you normally move to and from the house to keep the traffic flow smooth. You also want to consider the weather and the sun’s movement throughout the day so you can keep the space comfortable.

If you need assistance in designing your patio barbecue grill, Just Patios is here to help. We’re a professional patio builder, helping residential clients in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast make the most of their outdoor space. 

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