How a Carport Shields Your Car from the Elements

Nature is one of your car’s worst enemies. Exposing your vehicle to ice, dust, rain, debris, and UV rays can result in rust, dents, and other potential damage.

While you will never be able to escape mother nature’s wrath, shielding your car with a metal structure like a carport minimises both interior and exterior damage. A carport is inexpensive and easier to install compared to building a garage. Just Patios provides affordable and high-quality carports in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast regions.

By having a carport, you give your vehicle extra protection from these harsh elements:

Excessive Heat Exposure

A carport shields your vehicle from harmful UV rays. Prolonged sunlight can also fade and crack a car’s paint job. When vehicles are not parked under a carport, its tires, rubber trims and seals, as well vinyl or leather seats can easily dry and wear out.

Apart from weathering your car’s exteriors, heat exposure can potentially damage your batteries. A battery’s fluids can evaporate if unshielded from the sun for extended periods of time. Once a battery’s fluid levels drop significantly, this can permanently damage its components.

Heat also plays a part in rust formation. The higher the temperature, the higher the chances of corrosion. So whether you live in an area that is warm for most of the year or one that just needs extra shade during the summer, it’s always best to keep your car safe and protected.

Heavy Rainfall

Excessive rainwater and flash floods can affect your vehicle in more ways than one. Floodwater can completely ruin carpeting and even result in mould formation. The slightly acidic nature of rainfall can lead to corrosion and eventually, rust. If the car is left to air dry, water spots can build up on your car causing sediments to harden and damage your paint job.

If you live in low-lying areas, you should install your carport on an elevated space to protect your engine from floods. Floodwater that has entered your engine can cause issues such as short circuits and broken piston rods.


Without sufficient cover from the elements, your car becomes more exposed to fallen twigs and boughs or hail and rain.

A carport also safeguards your car from high winds and ice storms. The wind can pick up dust, gravel, and frozen particles and send them blowing towards your car. These can scratch your car and chip away at the paint.

In the winter months, a carport provides you with a shaded space to perform maintenance, switch tires, or eliminate hazardous road salt attached to your car.

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