Glass Patio Enclosures: Are They Worth The Investment?

You may be mulling over expanding your home because of the costs involved in renovating. But then, if your family is growing or you need that home office, you need that extra space.

Renovating can be quite expensive. Construction will take some time to finish, that’s a lot of labour to be paid for. Plumbing and electrical wirings need to be carefully installed. If the renovation is big enough, your family might have to move out temporarily.

But if it will make your living experience better, why hesitate? Perhaps one of the most convenient and less expensive ways of creating that much-needed space is by utilising your outdoor space and merging it with your indoor space. You can have your patio enclosed so that it can be used for whatever purpose you need.

Is it worth the investment?

You will still spend some money when you enclose your patio but the benefits of having one far outweigh the costs involved. It is a cheaper alternative to having your home fully renovated. Utilising your outdoor space will minimise the cost of renovation and maximise the space that you already have.

There are many types of patio enclosures available in the market and their prices depend on the materials used and the complexity of the design that you want to have. Many homeowners choose glass patio enclosures because of their affordability and durability, giving a big return for their investment.

Why glass enclosures?

Contrary to common misconception, glass patio enclosures are one of the safest types of enclosures. The glass used in making them are tempered and heat soaked, which means they are highly durable and impact resistant.

Glass enclosures also require minimal maintenance. They are very easy to clean and unlike timber enclosures, have less chance of mould and bacteria building up. There are also protective coatings available that you can apply upon installation to make it longer lasting.

Aside from functionality, glass enclosures are also visually appealing. They look sophisticated and can easily match your home’s existing colours. They are customisable, which can give your home a fresher look. There are a variety of glass windows, as well as sliding door and swing door configurations to choose from that will suit your taste.

Glass enclosures allow natural light to enter your enclosed space. They make your space appear more spacious. The glass protects you from the elements without breaking your connection with the outside space. You can relax and enjoy reading a book while enjoying the view of your garden. Install an insulated patio roofing to keep heat away from your roofing system and you will have a spacious and comfortable living space.

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