Getting Approval for Patio Construction

Just Patios specialises in the construction of great-looking and comfortable patios. Whether it’s a custom build or a premade patio system from leading brands such as Solarspan, Ausdeck, and Stratco, we can have it installed. But if you think it’s that easy to build a patio, you might be mistaken. There’s a probability of the project requiring clearance from local authorities.

It pays to understand why a patio should have an approval first before you can have it constructed. Contrary to popular belief, patios are big and intricate enough to classify as traditional building structures. Building them may require roughly the same amount of paperwork as a new floor/room or garage for the home. Failing to comply with existing local regulations may result in considerable fines (and even an order to demolish the patio).

Different local councils have their specific rules for allowing patios. These rules include relatively similar standards, however. Structural integrity, materials to be used, and provisions from both local and national building codes are among the criteria that a patio would have to satisfy.

As for the permit itself, it can involve two types. Aesthetics and the surface area boundaries are included in a planning permit, while compliance with safety standards and building codes come with the building permit.

Start by determining whether patios are indeed regulated in your locale. If so, keep in mind that failure to apply for a permit means you can’t even design or build a patio. Communities have several reasons that govern the approval or rejection of a patio.

As for obtaining a building permit, it likely requires a detailed site plan. This shows the entire property in detail, especially its boundaries. For a patio project to be approved, it has to be within certain parameters of the property itself. And if the patio might be situated too close to other properties, you might also need a letter of consent from neighbours.

Building a patio is a very good idea to bring out your home’s appeal, but regulations limit certain features or size for entirely reasonable grounds. Once you’re done checking out the rules, you can visit us anytime so we can start planning your new patio.

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