Freshen Up Your Sunroom With These 5 Decorating and Improvement Ideas

Sunrooms offer a quaint, quiet place in your home for relaxation that combines the simultaneous beauty of being indoors and outdoors. If your home is situated in places with grand, idyllic landscapes, cityscapes or even just the sea, a solarium lets you bask in the view in the comforts of your home. You can use it as an outdoorsy dining area, a relaxing workplace, a glowing living room or even a reading nook.

There are so many ways you can freshen up or improve upon your sunroom beyond the aesthetics and function. Here are some decorating and home improvement ideas for your sun-lit room.

Beach House Aesthetic

Complement the way the light shines through your sunroom with an outdoorsy, beach house aesthetic. Use a mix of neutral, warm and cool colours to achieve the effect. White ceiling and doors, beige-to-gray walls, earthly furniture and flooring, sandy-coloured rugs and light blue and green accents. You can even add hammocks and flowing curtains to further beautify the room. This aesthetic creates the light and airy feeling of waking up in a beach house one hot summer day.

The Patio Dining Experience

Ever wanted to eat outdoors but not really? Make your sunroom the ultimate dining experience with light views, insulated roofing and ceiling systems, comfortable ventilation and glass enclosures. Since it’s all inside, you’ll avoid the direct heat of the sun and any outdoor critters. You can even make it look like a greenhouse-style sunroom, completely encased by glass, creating a grand yet relaxing visual appeal for your solarium dining experience.

For Hearth and Home

Who says you can’t bring The Alps into Oz? A mix of wood-worked furniture, wooden floors, and (you guessed it) wood-based framework, coupled probably with glass enclosures, light curtains and a stone hearth. With proper insulation, this room can perfectly retain the heat in cool weather. You can be transported into a different part of the world where you can relax whether it rains, hails, or shines.

The Ultimate Reading Nook

Now, you can read your favourite book anywhere—on the bed, on the floor, probably on the sofa or sitting under a tree. As long as you have ample lighting and a comforting atmosphere, you can become absorbed in that enticing novel you’re reading. If you have a sunroom in your home, why not turn it into a mini-library of sorts? Glass enclosures, a chaise longue in the corner and small shelves of your favourite books (without direct exposure to sunlight, of course) and you got yourself a reading nook that’s the envy of the town. Keep the visuals muted as you want to be focused on your books instead of your surroundings.

Work and Chill

Some people work from home, others bring work to home. Instead of working begrudgingly in a very unrelaxing environment, make your sunroom your new office space. Let the natural light in and see how it perfectly bounces off the white walls, making everything brighter yet soothing in the eyes. Make everything in the room relaxing yet turn it into a space that inspires physical activity. Maybe install effective insulation to keep the temperature just right. Add comfy seats, the perfect table and in close vicinity of the coffee machine for the long grind.

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