Finding Carport Design Ideas

We usually give you design ideas for patio enclosures, but today we’ll focus on the trusty carport.

Carports are a cost effective way to protect your property and are faster to construct than garages. Being open on two sides or more, it has the aesthetic advantage of looking clean and sleek and its appearance can easily be enhanced.

For a beautiful carport that puts garages to shame, here are design ideas from Brisbane’s ever-reliable carport builders:

The Modern Skillion

Skillion carports are popular for their simplicity and affordability ‒ but only a few know that they are great for making refined modern structures. They tastefully complement contemporary homes and are also suited for the commercial and hospitality industries.

For a modern skillion carport, combine your choice of metal roofing with strips of polycarb roofing to let more light pass through, creating a scattered light effect. For the braces, legs, and bows, stick with clean lines and choose modern colours such as off-white, matte black, grey or merino. To complete the look from top to bottom, use porcelain tiles designed for outdoors. They’re surprisingly strong and give any carport an upgraded look and feel.

The Stunning Flyover

Flyover carports have extra height, providing a proper home for your caravan, boat or motorhome. With a floating look, a flyover carport is a statement of architectural taste and beautiful craftsmanship by itself. But if you want to go further, using wider posts give it an upscale look. For more sun protection and for added sophistication, add metal privacy screens with horizontal slats. A modern combination is black metal legs with a timber privacy screen in its natural colour, or an all metal structure fully coated in black or dark brown. For the roof, consider insulated roofing panels to gain both functional and aesthetic benefits.

The Timeless Gable

Carports with gable roofing allow you to easily match the style of your home’s roof. You can copy the same colour of your house’s roofing and recreate its texture. To give a twist to this classic design, add skylights to your roofing and use heritage cream for the colour of the beams, legs and the rest of the supporting structure.

For a softer touch, add potted plants around the carport or hanging plants on the side. If your carport is attached to a side wall, a vertical garden livens up the wall space. With our designs, you can have your roof with traditional gable ends, Dutch gable ends or hip ends.

If you have your own design ideas, ask our experts to incorporate them to suit your budget and needs. We also have a range of designs you can customise to suit your preferences and requirements.

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