Extend the Living Space of Your Home with an Outdoor Patio Kitchen

The Brisbane climate is perfect for spending time outdoors. With the sunny climate and warm winters, it’s hardly surprising that homeowners love extending their homes to accommodate outdoor living. Having an outdoor entertainment area allows you to host dinner parties, summer BBQ’s and family gatherings while breathing in the fresh air of Mother Nature.

Due to the rise of outdoor living spaces, patio kitchens are becoming a hot trend in Brisbane’s house landscaping projects, and for good reason. They’re fun, functional and make summer entertaining a breeze.

The Benefits of Outdoor Patio Kitchens

  1. Additional cooking options – Creating a kitchen outdoors provides you with the flexibility to try out new techniques and cook healthier food. Outdoor ovens, grills and smokers bring out the fun side of cooking while keeping your interiors free from lingering odours. Grilled food is also less greasy and healthier because the fat drips off the meat when they’re grilled. 
  2. Extension of living/entertainment space – A top benefit of an outdoor kitchen is that it’s a perfect venue to entertain guests. A patio kitchen is ideal for hosting holiday parties, birthdays and other special events. Often, it can get crowded in an indoor kitchen whereas a patio has enough space for friends and family to spread out and socialise in a relaxed environment. When food is being grilled, guests can gather around the BBQ grill and catch up with each other while waiting for dinner. Outdoor kitchens also allow you to prepare meals while chatting with your guests, eliminating the need to run back inside the house for plates, utensils and beverages every other minute.
  3. Increases the value of your property – Nothing looks more appealing in a backyard than a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen. If you’re looking to sell your property in the future, patio kitchens will make your house easier to market compared to other outdoor home improvement projects. They’re considered a luxury feature so they have high rates of return on investment, especially if they’re made with high-quality and weather-resistant materials.

Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen

  • Flooring – Natural stone, brick, tile and concrete are great options for outdoor flooring. You don’t want high-maintenance flooring like hardwood outside so opt for materials that are stylish yet durable.
  • Roofing – Choosing the right roofing for your outdoor kitchen is vital in ensuring that your kitchen is protected from the elements. Just Patios offers a range of patio roofing solutions that keep outdoor spaces comfortable and leak-free. If you need polycarb roofing or insulated patio roofing at competitive costs, our strong and beautiful roofing systems will last for years.
  • Built-in cabinets and countertops – Don’t underestimate the need for cupboards outdoors or you’ll find yourself running back and forth between your outdoor and indoor kitchens. You’ll also need preparation spaces like countertops or an island. Make sure they’re durable enough to withstand changes in the weather.
  • Built-in or portable grill – Decide how large of a grill you’ll need for your patio and whether you want one that’s mobile or permanently positioned. You’ll need a larger size if you plan to cook for large crowds but if you’ll just cook for your family, invest in a smaller grill.

Remember patio kitchens are more than just having an oversized grill and a prep area. They can also be designed with stoves, fridges, pizza ovens, ice machines and accompanied by dining and seating areas.

Build Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen with Just Patios

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