Transform Your Outdoor Space with Easy, Creative Patio Upgrades

Australian homeowners are continuing the renovation boom with little signs of slowing down. Most notable among the renovation projects are luxurious patio upgrades, either for leisure and enjoyment during these summer months or to increase your home’s value.

Having installed and upgraded numerous patios across the Sunshine Coast, Just Patios has plenty of ideas to help homeowners create an even more inviting outdoor space. Whether you’re trying to transform your yard for better home value or turning your patio into a leisure paradise, many simple but effective ideas can work for your home.

Upgrade your patio shade

Get creative with the roofing if your patio is getting too much sun exposure. You can do more than raise a simple sunshade. Insulated roofing and stylish V-lines make the patio more flexible for outdoor events, day or night, and ideal for fun parties. 

Great roofing provides adequate cover and is more durable and capable of withstanding all types of weather compared to simple canvas or vinyl awnings.

Get creative with stone pavers

Adding stone pavers over the concrete improves the overall design of the patio and the backyard, creating a cobblestone effect. Pavers come in different colours, finishes, and shapes, so they’re adaptable to any aesthetic or theme that a homeowner prefers.

Pavers are also more durable than pouring concrete down as they move under pressure, eliminating cracking. And if repairs are needed, pavers don’t have uniform shapes and can easily be refilled as necessary without realigning everything.

Add a new stain

For wooden patios, adding a stain is a quick and inexpensive upgrade that refreshes the overall appearance of the material. It also won’t take as long to fully implement as you can get it done on your own in one weekend.

It’s also possible to stain concrete patios. Spray stains are available in hardware stores or home centres, and can easily be applied as a permanent colour change. As with any stain, however, it may fade over time. 

Add a fire pit or planters

You can have a stone or concrete fire pit installed on your patio. It creates an area where people can gather around and talk, or you can convert it as a barbecue pit for parties and events. If a permanent fire pit is too expensive, there are many standalone options in home centres that you can install on the deck.

Planters can also be installed both as permanent fixtures on the patio, or you can head to the nearest garden centre and get several. Adding foliage immediately makes the space brighter by adding a touch of nature. It also gives the area the air of garden space, instilling pleasing natural scenes.

Consult with Professional Contractors For Patio Renovations

To ensure that your patio renovation or installation goes as smoothly as possible and is made with expert construction, always consult with professionals. Reputable contractors are challenging to find, given the high demand for them at present, but finding capable patio specialists are well worth the search and the investment, especially if the goal of the patio is to add value to your home.

Just Patios doesn’t just have an extensive portfolio of services, work, and positive client testimonials. We are trusted contractors who can even get council approval for you with all the official documentation and permits. Contact us today and get a quote on your renovation plans and let us handle the rest.

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