Indoor and Outdoor Insulation: DIY Tips and Tricks

Insulation comes first to mind whenever we encounter the term, “energy saving.” After all, it is true that if your property isn’t well-insulated, you’re likely to spend a lot of money on energy bills.

This is particularly true for properties in Brisbane, where the weather is constantly changing; it can be a sunny day today and a colder day tomorrow. Is your home ready for this type of change? Perhaps you’ve long been thinking about adding insulation to your home, but have often wondered which areas to insulate to maximize the energy savings.

For instance, have you considered insulating your patio? It’s a space most people don’t think of insulating, so Just Patios put together a list of tips if you wish to insulate your spaces yourself.

A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Insulating Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Here is the list of tips for insulating your home. Most of these are fast, cheap and easy enough to do yourself. 

Hang Heavy and Thick Curtains on Your Window

Alternatives such as blackout curtains will help keep the heat in your home during winter. While in summer, it could block up to 99.9% of sunlight from entering a room and this will reduce the amount of heat transferred via your window. Both conditions guarantee that you are saving energy and money at the same time.

Add Foam Boards in Your Patio Roof and Doors

Making your patio insulated is a smart outdoor improvement. Installing a foam insulation board on your roof and doors can help you cut cooling and heating costs and keep your patio more comfortable all year. For doors, measure and cut the foam board until the insulation fills all the rafter spaces. While for the roof, you can purchase an insulated foil foam board and attach it to the roof. Make sure it’s installed with the shiny side facing up.

Create a Door Snake — the Easiest DIY Home Insulation

Why did they call it the simplest and easiest? Because you can use and get household items to create a “door snake or door stopper” that fills the bottom of your door to block the cold air from entering. A rolled-up blanket makes a great snake, or if you’re feeling creative, you can create this out of materials found in your home like old socks and pillow stuffing. Cut-out pool noodles also make great door snakes.

Install Window Insulating Film

Window film acts as an insulator on your window. It retains the heat during winter and keeps the heat out in the summer. It comes in sheets so you can cut it based on your desired sizes and tape it to the window. Heat it up with a blow-dryer so it adheres to your window better, giving it a smooth finish.

Seal Your Doors

Apply vinyl foam weather seal product around the top and side exterior doors to create a tighter seal that will help keep the cold out. It has an adhesive side that makes for easy and quick installation.

Trusted Patio Insulation Installers in Brisbane

While these tips and tricks are easy enough to be done on your own, most of them are also temporary solutions. For long-term solutions, you can rely on Just Patios to provide you with the insulation that you need. We can help you improve your patio by installing an insulated roof, or if necessary, build your patio from the ground up.

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