Defining Patios: Porch, Deck and Courtyard Comparison

Buying and decorating a new house is as thrilling of an adventure as it is a costly one. But, for better or for worse, once you have finished equipping and decorating both the interior and exterior aspects of building a home, you will still be left with the outside section in front or behind your house.

How should you go about designing a house front? Are plants and flowers enough to keep it lively? Or should you add a bench or two if there’s extra space? Given the many options at hand, you can turn this space into a front garden, a vintage porch, a cool deck, a fancy courtyard or a classic patio.

Learn the difference between a patio versus porches, decks and courtyards. Read on as we compare all these and offer top tips for creating the outdoor space of your dreams.

Defining a Patio

Originated from the Spanish language, a patio is an open, uncovered, ground-level space located in front of or behind a building. It is usually paved with stone, gravel, asphalt or other durable materials. A patio can hold additional garden-like elements, like chairs or tables, but doesn’t have to fit a single profile.

Additionally, a patio can be attached or detached from the house itself. But essentially, it has to maintain its principal defining feature — durability. Patios should be made from sturdy and durable materials so they can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and still retain their appeal and functionality.

Patio vs. Porch

Patios differ from porches in various aspects. For example, while patios don’t have to be attached to the house, porches are always attached to the house structure. Moreover, a porch is usually more intricately decorated, dyed in the same color palette as the house and made from the same materials.

Essentially, porches serve as an extension of the house and are covered by the roof of the house, while a patio doesn’t have to follow that pattern.

Patio vs. Deck

Decks are more similar to patios, but they differ in two major ways. One, decks are usually made of wood. They are not always as durable as patios. Meanwhile, patios are typically made of bricks, stone, gravel or asphalt. Furthermore, decks do not have to be ground-level and can even be elevated off the ground, unlike patios that are flat to the ground.

Patio vs. Courtyard

Patios and courtyards have the most in common — both are uncovered, durable and on ground level. The only difference is that a courtyard is usually surrounded by walls and closed, while a patio is a completely open space.

Choosing the Best Patio for Your Home

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