Decorate Your Patio With Gorgeous Blooms and Greenery

Once you’ve built the patio of your dreams, you’ll be bursting with impatience or excitement to personalise it. Just like the interior rooms of your house, patios benefit from furniture arrangements and seasonal spruce-ups. Even simple patio designs can add lots of style and comfort to your outdoor space, creating an area for entertaining guests, dining or relaxing under the warm rays of the sun.

Most patios are designed using lots of greenery or potted blooms placed in various spots to make the space look more vibrant. However, decorating your patio with flora isn’t like planting some shrubs in your garden and letting them run wild. If you want to add greenery to your patio, here’s a list of the best potted plants and blooms you can play with.

Ferns and palms

You’ll likely have a lot of shaded space in your patio, making it hard for you to adorn the place with sun-loving plants. Thankfully, ferns and palms thrive in shady, moist and humid conditions. They will instantly freshen up your patio with their luscious and abundant green foliage.

A beautiful and common option for ferns is to plant them in hanging pots. You can also put them in glass jars, bringing more elegance to the plant and making its green leaves stand out. Another alternative is to plant them on wooden antique boxes for that old-world Victorian charm.


Climbers are a fantastic way to adorn columns that hold up your patio. They let you enjoy the beauty of flowers and foliage on vertical spaces, allowing you to save space while improving the aesthetics of your patio.

If you need a comprehensive list of Australian climbing plants, check out this guide by the Australian National Herbarium. It contains an incredible range of foliage forms and colours, gorgeous fragrances and stunning flowering displays in several species. You’ll find a climber to suit just about any style and climate.

Colourful blooms

Sometimes, a collection of simple potted flowers can have a big impact on your patio. You can group them all in one large pot or create a beautiful cluster of pots with different species in each one.

You can also fill a woven wicker basket with florals as a natural way to decorate bare walls in your outdoor space. While arranging, consider greenery that cascades over the side, giving your arrangement a sense of movement.

Mosquito repellents

It’s wonderful to spend time in your patio reading a book or nursing a cup of coffee — until mosquitoes start pestering you. While you can lather mosquito repellent lotion on your skin, there are better ways of keeping the pests away with gifts from Mother Nature.

Some of the best mosquito-repelling plants include lemon eucalyptus, citronella, peppermint, lavender, geraniums, rosemary and lemongrass. Simply pop them in a pot and place them in the areas where you love to lounge around during lazy days.

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