Common Patio Roof Problems and How to Fix Them

Your patio’s roof is as vital as your patio. It shelters you from the elements while enhancing your outdoor space’s aesthetic appeal. If you opt for an insulated roofing system, it even gives you better temperature control over your patio, allowing you to lounge in it in colder days.

But like any roof, your patio roof naturally suffers from wear and tear. Learn more about the common roof problems to help you identify red flags that will allow you to address the problem early.

Cracks and Holes

Cracks and holes are the most common problems in roofing systems. Harsh weather conditions and small animals cause these types of damage. When the issues are left unaddressed, they compromise the roof’s structural integrity. Small cracks and holes can also let moisture in, resulting in mould, mildew and water damage.

How to Fix It: Take the time to inspect your roof regularly. If you find any cracks or holes, no matter the size, take the necessary measures to fix them.

  • For shingles: Use a putty knife to remove the broken piece. Remove the nails and clean the area of any debris. Secure the new shingle with a dab of cement and roofing nails.
  • For panels: Cover the crack with roofing mastic. Make sure the material is evenly spread out across the crack. Place a patch of reinforcement webbing on top to reinforce the mastic. Then, cover this with another layer of mastic to give it a waterproof seal.

Water Damage

Some cracks and holes are hard to find because of their small size, but it doesn’t mean water can’t get through them. Undetected tiny cracks and holes can still result in leaks and water damage problems in your patio. The small water damage can progress into more significant problems, such as harmful mould, high risk of slip-and-fall accidents and weak structural integrity. The latter may cause a rotten roof that can fall apart and injure someone.

How to Fix It: When you’re inspecting your roof, take your hose and spray it over the structure. Inspect the space underneath for any leaks or water drips. Try to identify their origin on the roof.

  • For water damage: Wet spots on the underside of your roof usually indicate moisture damage. Inspect the area, including the top of the roof, to determine its severity. If you find signs of deterioration, consider hiring a professional as it might require structural repairs.

Vent Obstructions

Your roof’s vents are prone to clogging, making them ineffective. Excessive accumulation of debris in your ducts affects the roof’s ability to handle moisture. As a result, your insulation material might end up absorbing the water instead. This occurrence can potentially damage the roof’s internal structure in the long term.

How to Fix It: Inspect your vents weekly — or more frequently, if your area’s experiencing bad weather. Make sure to remove leaves, litter and other debris from the vents. Check the surrounding area for any damage and fix them immediately.

A damaged patio roof means a useless patio. Make the most of your patio by taking care of its roof. Be familiar with the common roof problems and their causes, and learn how to fix them. If you find that your roof needs to be replaced, Just Patios is here to help.

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