After Catios Come the Tortoise Dome: New Uses for Outdoor Enclosures

With some creativity, the possibilities in personalising outdoor enclosures are endless.

Many install outdoor enclosures to create an entertainment room for the family. A vast number of Australians, meanwhile, construct small granny flats to provide elderly parents with their space while maintaining their independence.

These, however, are not the only uses for an outdoor enclosure. You can personalise your patio to turn it into a luxury spot that the entire family, furry members included, can enjoy:

Pet Sanctuary

In our previous blog, we featured the catio. This time, we’ll tell you about the tortoise dome: a garage-sized Crystal Maze-inspired dome one father built for his family’s pet tortoises.  Paul Gordon constructed a heated habitat for the family’s Sulcata tortoises, George and Mozart. He researched into geodesic domes, found inspiration for a greenhouse, and built a hutch from scratch. Just like Paul Gordon and couple Don and Yvette Bacha who started the catio trend, you can create a pet-friendly outdoor sanctuary for your pets.

Mini Hideaway

Turn your enclosure into a mini-hideaway for your children. Fill the room with books, toys, and even art materials that will keep them busy. You may also want to include some mats, a few comfy pillows, and a throw for their afternoon nap. The idea is to provide the children with space where they can learn while having fun.

Music Room

Take your guitars and musical instruments out to the patio. By taking some soundproofing measures, such as installing thick curtains or a soundproof door, you can create a room where you can make or record good music.

Art Corner

For art lovers, an outdoor enclosure can also be a great space for making art. If you live in a home with a beautiful view, you can use nature as an inspiration for your art. For an unobstructed vista of your outdoor space, ask Just Patios to use extensive amounts of glass when constructing your outdoor enclosure. Our team of licensed builders will make sure that your outdoor area will turn out just the way you want it: beautiful and fully-functional.

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