Why Carports are Better than Garages

Why Carports are Better than Garages {#article_title.nomargin}
No homeowner would want to leave their cars outside their house, exposed to the elements. When you park a car underneath a carport or in a garage, you give it protection from harsh sunlight, rainstorms, dust, hail and other extreme climate conditions that might cause damage. Either option makes a car less visible from the outside, deterring potential robbery cases.

There are, however, a few reasons a carport is better than a garage. The two structures may serve the same purpose, but this is why you should choose the former over the latter:


Many garages require a bigger budget to complete over a carport. A basic two-car garage construction can cost you more than ten thousand dollars, excluding furnishings and accessories. A carport, on the other hand, costs much less.

Less Work

Building a garage can be more disruptive to your daily routine than a carport. Since garages are larger, they are most likely connected to high-traffic areas of your home. The construction process of a garage can also take weeks or even a month before completion. Since most carports are freestanding structures, there wouldn’t be drastic changes to your property. Within a day or two, you can already have a fully assembled carport.

Aesthetic Advantages

Despite the similarity in function, the aesthetic of a carport is very different from that of a garage. Garages tend to have a bulky appearance and can make your property look smaller from the outside. Carports don’t have walls – they lend a more spacious look to a home.


Because of its open structure, carports are more versatile than garages. Turning your garage into an entertainment room can take a while to do, considering the amount of renovation work needed to complete the project. With carports, however, you can easily transform the space into a dining or living area in a matter of minutes with just a few pieces of furniture. You can dry your laundry in the carport by attaching a thin rope from one beam to another.


When you have a garage built, it becomes a permanent addition to your property. Most carport designs, on the other hand, allow you to take them with you if you decide to move to another home. Its portability makes it an ideal investment in the long run.

More Decorative Options

With a carport, you have more freedom to decorate. Some homeowners place seasonal plants and vines along the edges and around the beams of the carports. This gives it a rustic appearance that would suit the design of many homes. Others take advantage of the carport’s freestanding layout to hang lights, wind chimes and other elaborate holiday decoration to spruce up their home.

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